Your Own Power Council of Light Channeled Message:

Your Own Power Channeled Message

Council of Light April 2012 Channeled Message through Laura West
Topic: Coming Into Your Own Power

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Good day to you Laura. We are glad you are here. Today we wish to talk about the energy that is at play. The energy today that is so prevalent in the world, surrounding you all as human beings, little sparks of light on the earth plane so bright.

You all must remember to live your lives from an authentic place, inside. So many of you walk around on the earth plane looking outward for validation. And once again, we say to you that you must look inward, look anew, seek inside yourselves the energy of the stew. And by the stew we mean the energy of grace and wisdom and divinity. You will not find it outside of thee. You must sit each day, just five minutes is all we say. And, call in this loving light from the divine that is so bright to the top of your head drawing it down, you see, through your entire energy body. And, letting it flow through the floor, into the ground once more. Asking for your guides, angels, spirit helpers, teachers to draw near and they will begin to make themselves very clear.

You may not know their names for this is not important you see. Human beings tend to get caught up in these small details and then you wonder about personality. So, we as a general rule of thumb in the spirit world do not share this with everyone. We do have names. We do have personality. But, our higher goal and purpose is to serve thee, helping thee to move forward on your evolutionary continuum. And, if you were to focus on our names and our personalities you would get hung up on us and not on thee. And, the purpose of our support is to help thee. Focus on thee.

So, requesting your guides to draw oh so near will help your energy remain strong and clear. Asking for grace to flow through your life will help keep strife at bay and away all the day. When strife rears its ugly head stress and tension and all the like, you will begin to see it from outside looking in, and, it will not affect you as much anymore. When you find small moments of joy throughout your day please remember to say, “Thank you,” for this simple act of gratitude creates more joy, more happiness, all the days through. And, when this happens, you begin to strengthen the bonds to grace and light and love and peace and happiness and all the divine from above.

You will still encounter darkness in your lives, stress and strife and energy that does not match your energy. But, you will be able to handle it much easier you see. Reside in your lives from a place of power. This power is open to you now like a door, an energy portal. It is newly opened in this month of April you see. And, we ask thee to tap into and tune into the grace of this power divinity. We do not mean power in the sense of control, dominating others, being superior. We mean power from the authentic sense. Claiming your own right while sitting on the fence, being able to stand firmly on the ground with two feet planted firmly down, connected to the earth energy in your own column of light, each day and each night so that you may know and feel clearly your energy bodies and your boundaries. You may sense that there are those in your lives who may wish to cause strife or are trying subconsciously to knock you off your energy centers. And, through this sense of power you will be able to remain strong and clear and tall all the days long.

Do not focus on the negativity of others or of the situations that cause strife in your life. Ask for the positive all day and all night. Each day, each night. Every way, all day, all the time. We do not mean to idolize the positive you see but it is just a fact that if thee focuses on the negativity it will begin to build and grow stronger around thee. And, if thee focus on the happiness, the divine grace, the beauty that surrounds your life and is in front of your face, this is what will grow stronger all the days through. And, we as spirit from this divine happy place say to you that we want you to cultivate this all the days through.

Ask for support from the divine. Pray. Meditate. Work with energy; however you wish to connect with this grace. It does not matter what form of ritual you take. It does not matter if you practice a religion or a faith as long as you connect with the grace of the divine, you will be doing just fine. There are human beings who like to put labels on how and where and when to do this you see. And, we say, that is foolish for each of thee is an individual and there is no one right way for all of thee.

Find some quiet space each day in the same spot, in the same energy, in the same space so that you may begin to build this connection for thee. If you pray to religious icons or figures ask for them to draw near. If you work with energy ask it to run through you so clear. If you work with deities, goddesses and gods request their presence. If you work with the nature kingdom or the animal kingdom or the ancient earth energies ask for it to infuse itself and themselves through you so dear.

Call upon the light. Ask it to wash through your bodies each day and night. Pay attention to when this feeling is strongest for you. Some of you are morning people. This is your power time. Some of you are nighttime people. This is your power time. When do you feel the energy strongest? Make it a part of your routines to connect with this energy.

You work so hard in your societies to take care of your physical health we see. You go to your doctor check ups and you have your teeth cleaned at your dentist. And, you even work hard emotionally. Some of you see therapists or take medication to help your brains balance the energy. We also suggest that this kind of spiritual grace, connecting with the divine is just as important because we are all around you all the time. The more you begin to connect, the easier life will be over time.

Remember, each of you is divine. You come from a place in the universe that is full of grace. You are beautiful sparks of light walking upon the earth plane just right. When you begin to remember this you wake up to your soul and your true potential, this we know. We have seen it time and time again. There are those of you who are on the cusp of your evolutionary continuums. Jumping towards enlightenment, growing ever so fast, you may discover that you are ready to go at last. And, there are those around you who are not ready to sit in the same stew as you. They wish to be clouded and closed and full of judgment. And, this they may do. They are not wrong. And, neither are you. Do not be mad at them for they hold themselves back because they are not ready to take this leap of faith into their higher soul consciousness divinity. Do not judge. Do not look without. Do not tell them that they are wrong about what they choose to do in their lives for it is not about other people, you see. It is about looking inside of thee. And what is right for thee is not necessarily right for other people at this time.

As you begin to look inside of thee you will begin to find grace and divinity. And, it will grow stronger all the days long. Some of you may be able to do this naturally, independently on your own each day, sitting away in a quiet solitude spot in your home. Others will need to join a group, a religion, a faith, a ritual, an energy healing practice and the like. Nothing is wrong if you are moving towards the light.

This is a time, as we said before, of great power and we implore that it is time for you to start working towards your own power and control for thee. The energy portal is open and activated. You have but to think and it shall be awakened.

Simply sitting with quiet music, praying to the gods or lighting a candle or ask the light to wash through your body is all that is needed. Five minutes or so each day, you may take longer, this we know. But, for those of you who are new to this concept of resting in the energy, just a small tiny bit is needed each day to connect with the grace of divinity each day.

So this is all we have to say for today. It is clear and concise and short sort of somewhat. We could go on and on and expound upon this same concept but we shall be repeating ourselves through many different forms and we will not tire the voice box we come through to do this for you.

Thank you. Namaste and adieu. We are the Council of Light. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light helping keep you safe and protected in the weeks ahead as you go about your energy business, providing you with a space of grace and divinity so you may begin to see your own unique energy being. Thank you and Namaste.

om laura


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