Welcome to the August channeled message! I apologize in advance because I experienced tech issues and it did not record during the live channeled message session. I went back and made magic happen to get this recording. As a result, this month’s video does not have subtitles and the audio quality is not as clear as it usually is. The good news is that I was able to pull it all together and it is still a wonderful message, regardless.

The Council of Light make reference to my preamble, which I made during the live event. You can join me and the Council of Light LIVE on the first Saturday of the month, currently via my Insight Timer meditation community. Enjoy this month’s channeled message and leave comments if it so moves you!




Greetings you blessed beings, there on the earth plane. We are so, so happy together with you all, once again. And yes, Laura did a nice preamble. It is true. We are tickled pink to be with you during this energetically exalted time. We knew that this was going to be upon you and we knew that we were going to be speaking to you on the crest of the wave of the openness and we are just thrilled and delighted to be here in this space with you now.

You have unseen energy vibrational frequency that surrounds you all times on the Earth plane. It is with you, it runs through you, it courses against you, it runs through all your devices, it runs through all your living consciousness. It is everywhere, all around you. You are made up of it. You create it. you move it and you shape it. We are saying this in a semi-grand fashion and yet it is just normal and average because you experience it day in and day out, all your days through, over and over and over again. And most of you don’t even notice that you’re in it, that you’re moving it, that you’re co-creating it, that the vibrational purity and vibrational frequency of density fluctuate from moment to moment in your lives.

For many of you, you have an understanding of your own personal field of energetic harmonics. You have an understanding of your centeredness and your balancedness and your peacefulness. You have an understanding of when your energy is expanding out away from you. And you have an understanding of when your energy is pulling in tight around you.

You also have a good understanding of when you walk into a vibrational frequency of discordance. Discordant energy feels like sandpaper in your lives. Discordant energy feels like sadness in your lives. Discordant energy feels like anger in your lives. Discordant energy feels like fear or anxiety in your lives.

You know when you are not in your balanced, harmonic states of Zen, of peacefulness of centeredness, of gracefulness, because you are other. You are not peaceful, you are not Zen, you are not grateful.

So, in this moment, here now as we speak of this, with it being the most powerful time to acclimatize and to actualize and to realize all the blessings and  harmony and great joy, that is your right, as a Divine Being, we invite you to breathe that balance in to your centeredness at this time.

Take a nice deep breath into the center of your being. And release.

Again, take a nice deep breath into the center of your being. And release.

You are each an individual soul in a human form on that Earth Plane. And you are each connected through this web of universal understanding, through this web of consciousness that you have now breathed out of you and into the ether around you because you have all come together at this moment, in this space, in this time, you have created a network of loving kindness, a network of positivity and network of freedom, a network of grace.

You have just raised the vibration of the Earth Plane. Let us do it again.

Take another nice, deep breath into the center of your being. And release.

One more time please. Take another deep breath into the center of your being. And release.

For you see, when you strive to be peaceful, when you strive to live in a kind world, when you strive to find Zen, when you strive to be balanced and you do that – that breathwork – that co-created shared experience of sending your energy vibration out in a calm manner, you become the peace, you become the balance, you become the Zen.

And when you become the peace and you become the Zen, you become that kind of world. And the vibrational quality of the frequency of Love surrounds you, courses through you and touches everyone else around you. They might not see it with their naked eye, but they definitely feel it. They feel it with their subtle mind. Your friends, your family, your colleagues, the people that you pass on the sidewalk or ride in the sharing of public space or commute with, they all feel it. The people standing in line around you, the people that serve you and support you, whether it is customer service on the telephone or through the chat box on the computers or in the line at the store.

When you are in that vibratory state of peacefulness, and gracefulness, and calmness and centeredness, and you believe yourself to be that, and you have breathed your vibration into that higher realm, that light filled space, that joyful open heart space, you give that gift to those around you, to everyone around you.

No, we don’t say this to you to put any kind of pressure on you to make you feel like you always have to be in this space because where we come from, in the Ether, that Zen emptiness of nothing, or higher levels of Heaven, however you like to think of that opposing place to there on that Earth plane, can see that the Earth is a wonderfully, energetically diverse place. There is energetic undulation and friction and static and tension all over the place at any given time.

Think of the energy harmonics vibration there on that earth plane, as if it were a violin string being plucked by a musician and it is vibrating at a certain frequency. And the string next to it is plucked at a second frequency. And the third string is plucked at a different frequency and so on and so on and so on.

You have so many different push and pull frequencies around you, coursing through your lives and pulling at your frequencies like magnets all the time.

We don’t expect, and nor do we command, that you as the humans listening to these words here now today,  should always be in your most pure, highest vibration frequency.

We understand that it’s not possible. Sometimes you will feel anger. Sometimes you will feel stress. Sometimes you will feel sad. Sometimes you will feel grief. Sometimes you will feel like it is not possible to be in your centeredness in that exact moment. And that is okay.

For you see, as humans, you get to play. You get to have the experience of the highs and the lows, the joys and the sorrows, the hardships and the triumphs. It is all good. It is why you are there on that earth plane.

It is why you have incarnated lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. It is why you choose to not be in your spirit form and not be with your spirit group all the time.

You choose to be in that earth plane where there is beautiful sight and beautiful sound and texture and color and sensation and art and artistic expression and musical interludes all around you at all times.

The beautiful thing about the down times, the times of sorrow, the times of sadness, the times of grief, the times of anger is that you get to recognize that you are in a lower vibrational frequency and you get to raise your harmonic state to a higher place.

Now, we did this with you earlier in this message today by breathing. It is that simple. And yet, some of you have other more ritualize experiences that you practice. Everything is okay. We don’t come here to command you to do one thing and one thing only. You all have a very vast myriad of tools in your tool boxes of wellness. And we applaud your humanity for being so creative and for thinking of so many different ways to reach into that state of exaltation, of light, of purity, of blissfulness. And we love it all. We love it all.

You are so creative as humans on that earth plane. And we have always been filled with joy as we support you and we guide you and we give you words of wisdom as you move forward on your evolutionary continuums towards each of your own enlightenments. Some of you will get there very quickly. Some of you will get there after a long time. You’re all going at your own pace and you’re all doing what’s just right for you.

Some of you in this particular lifetime are learning lessons fast and moving through them quickly and rising higher and higher in your upper echelons of energetic intellect and some of you are repeating the same lessons over and over and over and over again.

Do not think you have failed if you are constantly coming back to a state of awareness of your anger. Do not think that you have failed.

It is just a state that you are comfortable with and familiar with and have been attached to and are working on, working through. It doesn’t mean that you are bad.

You are a soul of a unique thumbprint being.

And each of you goes at your own pace. Speaking of pace, let us now talk about you as a human race, as you are wrapping up this thing that you all call the Olympics across that Earth plane.

You are remarkable human beings. Do you understand how your bodies can move, twist, contort, lift, shift, run, bike, swim, outpace, in the most amazing ways that push and stretch to the limit and go farther beyond you ever thought possible. It is amazing to watch you all as you play in those escapades that you call games. And we applaud you all. And we see that many of you are inspired by the beautiful sensuality that is the human body.

And yes, we do encourage you to take stock of your own physicality.

You’re on that Earth Plane from the time that you are zero and you are birthed as a human baby, into the time that you leave to be incarnated back into your spirit bodies and that time varies for you. Some of you leave early but most of you leave in your 80’s -ish, 90’s -ish.

You will start to live longer into your hundreds, because your science and your medicine and your self-care is getting more responsive and accurate.

So, we will gently nudge you. And we will gently encourage you to take care of your physical shells to the best of your abilities. Move your bodies so that your energy does not become stagnant. Move your bodies so that your chi is always flowing freely.

Eat the nourishing foods that make you feel good. Notice, what we just said there. “That make you feel good.”

So, if that means that you eat the beautiful grass-fed organic burger, go right ahead. If that means you eat the highest most purely ethically sustained farmed and curated chocolate, go right ahead. If that means that you drink the most abundantly organic and artfully crafted and grown and paid for and community supported glass of wine, then go right ahead. If that means that you eat all vegetables or all paleo, or all “whatever you wish”, then go right ahead.

But please do so from a state of consciousness about giving yourself nourishment that fuels your bodies, that gives pleasure, so that you can keep moving physically in your lifetimes.

The worst experience for a human to have is that of being broken in the physical form, but mentally sharp and not being able to move or communicate in the physical form. There is no purpose beyond the mental capacity, that we will not get into today because it is a side topic, but we wish to just highlight for you and point out that it is your job to be the greatest steward of your physical shell that is the container that houses your soul while your soul has chosen to be here now, in this experience, on this earth plane, in this lifetime.

Now, we can feel that this is causing anxiety for some of you. Do not stress and worry, if you are not at physically the peak form that you should be at. It’s not what we demand. It’s not what we expect.

Those athletes that we referenced in your games called the Olympics, are the extreme measure of peak performance. And we don’t expect you all to go out and run a five-minute mile. That is unrealistic. Some bodies are not meant for running. But what we do encourage you to do is to find rhythmic, repetitive experiences of movement for your bodies: walking, jogging, running, cycling, yoga, stretching, however it is that you feel like you are in your harmonic vibrational space. We encourage you to do that and do it as often as you can. You’ve been gifted with a life on that earth plane and it is wise of you to be as intellectually and physically stimulated and spiritually plugged in as possible.

We would like to now address that there are sometimes when Souls leave early, as is the case with some of the spiritual teachers that you may know,  or some of the loved ones that you may know that have left the earth in this particularly challenging time of your past calendar year or so.

When is there is incredible energetic capacity that is at a tipping point on the earth plane, some souls choose to leave. They go back to into spirit form and they either wait to be reincarnated with their friends and their family and their earth bound plane or they continue doing their great spiritual work: mentorship, guidance, tutelage, from the spiritual space.

And that happened on several occasions over the last calendar -ish year. We say “ish” because as we’ve told you before, where we come from in the Ethos, there is no sense of time. It is always the NOW. But for you on the earth plane as humans, you need to measure and mark your distance of your days from when you are newborn to when you are elder. And you’ve come up with this genius solution called TIME and you have calendars, and you universally reference it all together.

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, they can hear you. They can see you. And they can communicate with you, if you are open. When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, whether it be a connection of spirit or family or friend or colleague or animal loved one, or teacher loved one, it doesn’t matter. They can all hear you and they can all feel your emotions.

We would like to counsel you now and give you a bit of advice. It is important for you to, yes, first experience your shock and your grief and your sadness and your sorrow and your anger at their passing, but move into a state of remembering them and their joy.

That is, if you are connected to them in a positive way. We understand that for some of you when somebody that you know, moves into their spirit form it was not the best of relationships for you and it is better for you that there is that separation now. We will put that kind of relationship in a box on the shelf. We don’t talk about that here today. We talk about the relationships with loved ones: animal, spiritual teacher and family unit that are the kind type.

So, getting back to our guidance, it is important for you to speak on them and to love on them and to remember them and to call upon them, to bring forward in joy. Tell your stories of them that bring you happiness. Tell your stories of them that make you remember them in a kind way. Tell your stories of them that make you feel connected to them, that make you feel like you are peaceful with them, that make you feel like you are in relationship with them in all the ways that helped you feel positive when they were alive in their physical forms. If it was an animal loved one that passed on and moved back into spirit form, recall all the times they came and sat by your side with fondness and share that memory with your loved ones in your family units.

If you are, remembering someone such as a grandparent who has passed into th