Divine Lotus Healing | Reiki Helps with Walking Mobility Issues




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A client came to see me for a Reiki session. She shared that the week prior, she had done something to her backside during her exercise class and now it was uncomfortable to lay down or roll over. She also reported that she felt an uncomfortable pulling in her backside when she lifted objects or bent her legs.

I treated her for one hour. Within that hour, I focused my hand placement on her backside and low back, on both the left and right sides. At the end of the session, when she was reflecting on how she felt, this is what she reported:

“Before the session began it was hard for me to even get up on the table because I had done something to that muscle in my left backside at exercise class the other day. After the session it was looser and I had no difficulty turning over on the table. It’s quite remarkable really how much better it feels.”

Two days later, she followed up with a phone call:

“I feel phenomenal. It’s been two days and I can move my legs and nothing hurts. I even went to exercise class today and was able to do all of the motions and routines normally. I feel really great. It’s amazing really!”

Namaste, Laura