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How To Smudge Your Home


When I moved into my home several years ago, I wanted to make sure it was infused with the highest positive energy possible and cleared out of any stuck, stagnant, old energy left behind by the old owners. Not that they were bad people, they raised a nice family in the house before my family came along, but I didn’t want to be living in their energy imprint. Before all the boxes arrived on the moving truck, I walked through each room with my family and did this clearing ritual. I also continue to do it every so often, whenever I feel a build up of energy. Also, I always do it on the solstices and when any big life events occur (like when my son was born and he came home for the first time).


Items needed:

1. Sage stick, large feather & abalone shell

2. Hand drum (optional)

3. Om Aura Spray (optional)


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Walking through each room have the sage stick lit and held over the shell, for catching ashes. Using the feather (eagle, turkey, sea gull, or anything large and special to you), waft the smoke up into the corners of the room and around each doorway and window frame. Take the time to thoroughly cover all rooms, including basements and attics, even the perimeter of the property, if they are reachable! Sage has a green healing energy that transmutes old energy.


Beat the hand drum continuously as you go. The sound of the rhythmic beating will help to create a vibration that will clear stuck energy. If you are doing this clearing ritual by yourself, ditch the drum, just hold the smudge stick (for safety).


Chant a mantra or a prayer or inspirational words that you feel comfortable repeating over and over in each space to help consecrate the rooms. This audible declaration will be sent out to the universe to be heard and honored. You may wish to say something like, “I ask for all old, stuck, stagnant energy to be cleansed from this room. I request that it be replaced with the highest and best in love, light, and wisdom. I also ask that my (family/pets/loved ones) energy be infused completely into this space.


When I do this smudging and drumming, I also use my Om Aura spray. I spray it in all the corners of the room for an added clearing energy bonus.


This ritual will take some time. Prepare for it by turning off your phone. Try to do it all at once, walking from room to room. Try not to pause or come back later to finish rooms. Walk through your entire home all at once. As you go, your good energy will build in intensity.


Have fun with the process. Feel the good energy you are creating. And, trust that you are putting your wonderful imprint into your dwelling!


What if you aren’t moving?

Well, do this entire process anyway! Energy builds up in our homes, just as dirt does. If we don’t clean it (by smudging) it gets dirty (like when we don’t vaccum). So, get going. Clean the energy of your home!


Namaste, Laura