Happy Anniversary, It’s Been One Year of Staying Home

Happy Anniversary

I’m so honored to bring this special channeled message through to you, for March 13 is my anniversary. It is the exact day, one year ago, that I started staying home with my family.

I’ve been in a reflective mood recently thinking of the joys and sadness over the last year. My family experienced a loss early on last April and we couldn’t come together to commemorate the loss as a family.  I also experienced a TON of joy and realignment. For example, I was able to exercise almost every single day for the year. I ran a total of 624 miles. I lost 23 pounds, unintentional but great none the less. I bought new running shoes last April, it’s time to buy new ones. HA!

Of course, the Council of Light have wisdom and teachings to share on this celebration day marking the one year anniversary of staying home. Please enjoy their message.


Council of Light Channeled Message

March 13, 2021

4:00pm, Eastern Standard Time

Greetings to you all we are so happy to be with you today. And this is a joyous occasion for we are here to say hip, hip, hooray.

You are beautiful, glorious Souls on that earth plane and each of you is walking around in a shell but the shell contains your soul and your avatar of beingness.

And your avatar beingness is actually a vibrational frequency that has been here before. All of you that have entered into this space, in this place, here and now, on this Earth plane in this lifetime, have participated in lifetimes before, whether you remember them or not.

And so we want to remind you that you are always, always able to move forward, with grace and with kindness and with love in each lifetime that you live.

Why do you all choose to come back to the Earth lifetime after lifetime after lifetime?

Because you are growing. Because you are always moving forward on your evolutionary continuums.

Because you are moving forward and you’re learning and you’re expanding and you’re harmonizing and your rising into a deeper, a more vibrationally pure, a higher, a more aligned you.

And when you do this, you come back lifetime after lifetime after lifetime to figure it out, to learn the lessons, to move forward and we are just tickled through and through with joy to be here with you in this way today.

For those of you who know us, you know that we are vibrational frequencies of light that come to you from The Ether, the universe, the gods source the Zen emptiness of nothing, whatever you like to think of as that place beyond yourselves.

We don’t have a specific descriptor.

Some of you might say that we are Angels. Some of you might say that we are Spirit guides. Some of you might say that we are God source. Some of you might say that we are light beings. And we are individuals within the light but we come to you as a collective consciousness of “we” as we speak these words through this woman’s voice box here today.

We are charged with helping and supporting and communicating and moving forward your evolutionary continuum of your vibrational frequencies on the Earth plane.

You as human beings have the right to live full and vibrant and successful and happy lives and we are here to give you guidance and wisdom and encouragement from the divine.

You on the Earth plane sometimes stumble. You on the Earth plane sometimes get into a funk, if you will, or your vibrational frequencies become dulled or become misaligned. And you need to do the tools and you need to do the practices and you need to do the routines that help you to become aligned and harmonized and frequency righted, so that you can be in your best most pure state of vibration.

How do you do this?

Well, it’s very simple.

You do all the things that you’ve been doing. You do things like this: listening to our words here, today, now in this way. You meditate, you pray and you eat healthy nutritious foods and you move your bodies and you notice nature and you communicate joyfully with those whom you love. And you celebrate all the vibrancy of that Earth.

That space that you all live in there on the earth plane is so powerfully beautiful.

You have so many colors and you have so many sensations and you have so many sounds and you have so many textures you have so many smells and tastes and sensations that are absolutely Divine on that Earth plane. And, sometimes you take it for granted. Not all the time, but sometimes you do.

So, take this opportunity now, in this moment, as you all gather as a collective Humanity after a year of massive pivoting and a year of massive shifting and a year of massive thought pause, to reflect.

What is it in this time of this past year that brings you Joy?

What is it in this year of pause that brings you happiness?

What have you changed in your lives?

What have you let go of in your lives?

What have you embraced?

What have you said goodbye to?

It’s worth writing these down as monikers so that you can reflect in the days and weeks ahead. You have an opportunity here to continue moving into even more Harmony and even more alignment and greater ascension into your vibrational purity.

You have the opportunity to take this pause and make parts of it your new routine of consistency.

For example, the woman that we are speaking through now has spoken to you all a lot before about how when she was able to pause she was able to use her treadmill everyday and she lost a lot of weight, not knowing she was planning on doing that, not knowing that she was going to have that success. She will continue to do so after the pause is over.

That is a very tangible and real example of some of the things that you all have begun to do in your lives to routinize, to restructure, to reharmonize.

What will you continue after your pause is over?

You have the ability as a vibrational Collective Consciousness to rise high and to build a frequency on the Earth plane that is so positive and so full of joy and so full of light that it attracts more joy and more positivity and more light.

Do not get trapped by the fear. Do not get trapped by the lower vibrational frequencies that run through a lot of your technology.

It’s very interesting to us as we come from a space in the universe that is full of light and full of frequency and full of a vast expansiveness that knows no bounds. It has a purity to it. It has a quality that we can’t put into words on your Earth plane and through your language. It’s effervescent. It’s pure. It’s true. It’s blessed. Some of you are feeling that vibration right now as we speak to you.

And then there’s vibration that is “other”. There is vibration that is lower frequency. There is vibration that is of a denser quality. There is a vibration that is egocentric in its nature and it is only there to serve itself.

You know this vibration through all of your pop-culture ghost stories or shows about spiritual nature and relationship to the things in the night. Yes, you know what we’re talking about.

Well, we are here to tell you that we need both.

But it’s important not to get sucked in and trapped into the mysterious lower vibrational fear-based quality of the “other”. We need both because we need sun and moon, light and dark, day and night, the yin and the yang, to make everything balanced. We need that lower vibrational quality so that we can understand when we are in relationship with a higher vibrational quality.

For those of you who are more routinized and scripted with your practices of coming into conscious contact with this spiritual vibration, you know when you step into alignment. You know when you begin to chant your mantras, you begin to sing your praise songs or you begin to put your hands together in prayer, you feel the vibration that you drop into.

That is the alignment. That is the place that we encourage you to continue looking forward to every single day as you move forward in your Collective Consciousness that begins to open on that earth plane.

You’ve done a fantastic job of settling in to yourselves in this calendar year, and we chuckle by saying “year” because where we come from there is no time that is linear and it’s fashion that you all are so good at marking to help you keep track of what you’re doing, but in your calendar year you’ve done a fabulous job of going Inward and reflected and centering and harmonizing and grounding.

We would like you now to sit up very tall. Or if you’re lying down, to lay prone and comfortable and relaxed. Put your hands in your laps, palms facing up, or if you’re laying down rest them along your sides, palms facing up.

And take a deep breath into the center of your beingness. Take another deep breath into the center of your beingness. Release it.

When you do this consciously you change the frequency of your beingness. You align yourselves and you harmonize yourselves. Some of you have very complicated routines and scripts and practices and we love this about you, to get into this vibrational place. And also sometimes all you need is just a conscious pause and a deep breath.

Let’s do it again.

Take a deep breath into your beingness. And exhale.

Can you begin to feel the quality of your expansiveness? Can you begin to feel that your Divinity is exhaling out around you and creating a vibrational frequency of love and harmony and positivity and abundance and joy?

Isn’t this such a nice feeling? Breathe into that more. And, exhale out into the space in which you are physically residing. Allow yourselves to sink into this vibration of positivity and vibrancy and alignment. And rest in this place. Rest in this space. Rest in his beingness.

You are love. You are Joy. You are positivity. You are Harmony. You are peacefulness you are blissful incarnated now here in this form.

It’s that easy to remember. It’s that easy to drop into. And as you on the human Earth plane begin to collectively celebrate this and remember this and practice, practice this on a daily basis, you change the frequency of the earth. It becomes more harmonious. It becomes more light. It becomes more loving. And what does that attract? More Harmony, more light, more abundance, more love, more joy. And who doesn’t want more of that?

Yes, there is sorrow. Yes, there is sadness. Yes, there are stumbling blocks. Yes, there is pain. Yes, there is fear. That’s always a part of your lives, but you don’t need to reside there all the time. You can notice those things. You can learn from those things. You can let those things teach you so that you can shape yourselves, so that you can strengthen yourselves, so that you can become masters of unwavering positive space. And you can move forward. You can move forward with Grace.

We are so thrilled that you are doing this work. We Champion you. And we are proud, looking at you all there on the earth plane knowing that you are all full of light, knowing that you are all trying and moving forward and your frequencies are shifting when you do this work.

We don’t have one particular practice that we will tell you to do. We don’t have one particular saying that we will tell you to speak or to think in your thought forms for there is so much on that earth plane.

You humans are wonderfully diverse. You have so many different tools to access your centeredness, your alignment, your balance, your Harmony. We just come here in this pause to celebrate with you and to remind you to do it. And we counsel you. Often when we come to you with our messages of love and wisdom and light and Grace we have exercises that we do with you to open you and align you, to help you find your balance, to help you find your joy. But we don’t subscribe to a particular routine or particular script over and over and over again.

We just tell you that your consistency matters. Your consistency matters.

Think about when you were children or when you were young adults. Think about how you learned certain things: you learned how to write, you learned how to read, you learned how to do computation. You learned how to ride a bike or to use rollerblades or to do a trade or to do a craft. You didn’t know how to do it before you did it. You didn’t understand how to become the skilled person you are now with the work that you do. You had to start at the beginning. You had a learning curve.

Well, the same is true for your Centeredness. The same is true for your joyfulness. The same is true for your beingness of alignment. You might notice times when you’re in alignment and times when you are full of joy and times when you are centered and balanced like you are

ight now here in this moment. And you need to practice, like you practiced learning how to write, or you practiced learning how to add your sums. You need to practice being in your centeredness, being in your joyfulness, letting go of your worry, letting go of your Strife, letting go of your stress. Everyday, as much as possible within your to-do lists of your lives within your busyness and you’re going here and you’re going there which you are slowly returning to.

You have an opportunity to take your lives into your own control and to move aside some of the things that were pseudo-controlling you. You all were so busy before your pause. And you let yourself be that busy. You all were so consumed by media narrative and by voice and opinion of all the others on the Earth plane and by the schedules of always move forward and go and go and go and go. And your work expectations and your work ethics were far exceeding your rest expectations and your Rejuvenation ethics. And in this pause you had a tremendous gift bestowed upon you by your own selves to pause and to rejuvenate and to restore and to balance and harmonize.

So please continue to do so. Please move forward knowing that you can continue to bring this into your Consciousness as you begin to move back into your “going here” and “going there” and filling your schedules with work and the busyness of your lives. It doesn’t always have to be so full of the busyness. You can bring forward this calm centeredness.

Yes? Yes.

You are worthy and you are deserving. And we are so happy to be here in this day in this moment and in this way.

You humans are wonderful.

You humans are amazing.

You humans are so divine.

And we Champion you every step of the way.

So, that is all from us for now and we wish to say thank you. We’re going to pause and say namaste and adieu for now. We look forward to speaking with you again when the time is right, in the next participation fashion that you find. We come through this woman Laura and her voice box by frequently you see and we always look forward to communicating with you.

We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light, and we sustain you and keep you and nourish you in the days and weeks ahead.

Many blessings.

om laura