Welcome back! There was no September channeled message last month so I’m super glad to be back with you all for this month’s channeled message. The Council of Light talk about the meaning of life, how to take care of the earth and remind us to play. It’s a varied theme month, but it all seems to make sense in the message. Listen and enjoy!




Greetings to you all you bright blessed beings there on the earth plane. We are so happy to be with you all once again. We wish you good tidings and great joy as you rest in this energetic capacity here today.

We want to remind you that this is new for some of you and yet not new at all. For every single one of you that has entered into this co-created space, in this place here, and now, in this way, listening to the words that we say have understood this to be a truth for lifetimes before now.

You are quite involved in your consciousness of your beingness, and we are not talking about your Humanities with your physicalities. Although many of you are quite enlightened in your cerebral senses with your academic accolades and your rigorous studies, and your physical abilities, and your hobbies and the like. Rather, what we are talking about here today is your soul sense of accolade.

See, your soul has been for ever created and your soul will never expire. It comes into and out of human experiences, such as the one you are in now, because it is joyful. It is pleasing to be with other humans. It is exciting to be in a visceral location such as that 3D World of the Earth plane.

You like to experience the smells and the tastes and the physical touching experiences and the colors and the textures all around you in that 3D realm there on the earth plane. And so many of you consider this to be a joyful holiday excursion for your soul to partake in, as you travel in and out of lifetime’s down to the Earth and Back Again.

And yet, for many of you in these lifetimes, there is much learning to do. And so with the learning comes lessons, and with the lessons comes strife. And with the strife comes your emotional upheaval that surrounds you day and night.

We don’t mean to suggest that you are emotionally unstable for that is not true at all. You actually are a wonderfully well put together group of Souls and it is quite nice to see you all gathered in such a calm and peaceful way here today.

What we mean by this is that for many of you, there are experiences that you are having to be true on that Earth plane in this human existence that are helping to teach you so that you can move forward, so that you can grow out of karmic lessons and you can grow into harmony and you can grow into advanced study and you can grow into a nice consistency for self.

Sometimes you have lessons that you repeat lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime until you are ready to say, “aha I understand now.” And the lessons could be anything from not harming another creature as tiny as a flea to as large as another human being, you see, to pausing before you speak unkindly. It could run the gamut and there is no right in there is no wrong for your all in different places on your evolutionary continuum’s, with your soul Enlightenment.

Some of you are learning rudimentary lessons and some of you are learning more advanced lessons. The people who are extreme with their advancement are usually the folks who present in the spiritual senses of enlightened being States on that Earth plane. We are talking about the folks such as the Buddhas or the Christ Consciousnesses, or the Mother Teresas, or the Martin Luther King Junior’s or the Dalai Lama’s of your realm and we save those in plural, partially to illustrate that there’s more than one enlightened being there, but also partially to illustrate that they have come many times in many capacities and in many forms and you know that particular soul in its capacity from which it is labeled in the particular lifetime you know it from.

For example, the Christ has come many times to the Earth in many iterations. But most of the collective Humanity knows the Christ from the teachings of the Jesus and the Bible and such.

And same is true for the Buddha Many of you know the Buddha to have sat under the Bodhi Tree and become enlightened and done his teachings from the enlightened space. And yet, there have been iterations of Buddhas that have come before him and after him in many different capacities: female, and male, animal and human all the same.

We get off on a small tangent here, but we wish to come back into our space of describing you as humans. For, many of you have been wondering what your purpose is and what your path is to being in human existence while you are there on the earth. And it is twofold.

Like we said in the beginning, it is to come and have fun and it is also to come and learn, to grow, to have your soul’s vibratory frequency vibrate at a higher and more pure State each time you incarnate. Some of you on this journey in this lifetime are moving very fast. And you are rapidly approaching your next stage towards your own Enlightenment. While others of you have not even considered doing so yet. And it’s all okay.

If you think about school children in a school yard, some of them can skip. Some of them can run fast. Some of them can jump rope. Some of them cannot. Some of them are just learning how to tie their shoes. Some of them are learning how to jump. Some of them are learning how to clap and talk. Some of them are learning how to crawl or walk. And it’s all okay.

The same is true for your development in your Enlightenment. There’s not an endgame.

By the way, we would like to say that when we talk about Enlightenment we don’t mean that it is the end-all be-all experience for each one of you to attain and strive for and rise into. Your Enlightenment, rather, is a space of co-creation with those of us in the light.

Now, many of you come from Myriad places on that Earth plane and you have different belief systems about the sacred, the holy and the Divine. And we don’t have one Creed that we subscribe to here in our space in the light. We see that you need to make meaning and you need to attach understanding. You need to create story and you need to have script. And you also need to have routine in order to make sense of where you

ame from and where you’re going.

So you have different versions of names and you have practices. And you have different relationships with the where you co-create with the Divine and it’s all beautiful.

We actually love that about you there on the earth plane.

You’re wonderfully diverse. and you’re wonderfully creative. And you’ve come up with all these different routines, and rhythms and language constructs and processes to find yourselves in that sacred and special Holy Divine place within each one of you.

And we see that so many of you here today are in a place of spiritual connection, which is why you are attuned to listening to our message here.

And it is easy for us to make that reference point with you. Versus, if we were to go into say a bar down the street, from this place here, in this woman’s office space, where they have just all gotten off their construction work shift, and they’re all having a beer. They’re in a different head space. They’re in a different relationship space with the way that they navigate through their lives. Now, we don’t say that to categorically mean that construction crews are not spiritual, for we know that construction crews are. But, we make the rudimentary and elementary point here that we understand you get the gist of it.

So, if this is to be true and you are to move through lifetime after lifetime and you always were incarnate as a soul and it is always moving into its evolutionary continuum towards its own mastered enlightened beautiful blissfilled space, then what is the purpose?

The purpose is to move forward. The purpose is to grow. The purpose is to have fun.

And we see that so many of you have forgotten how to have fun. You have consumed yourselves when the busyness of your “adult tasks”, the comings and goings, the two-ings and fro-ings, the relationships and the tasks, the cleaning of the houses and the bustling to and from the work and the rearing of the children and the ferrying of all the places the children go to in their extracurricular activities, and such.

It doesn’t need to be that complicated. You can simply be in your own energetic capacity, full of happiness in your hearts. And then you can go about doing all those busy things. If you set yourselves up on each day to have an energetically joyful state of space that you reside in, then, isn’t it more pleasing when you have to do things, like, get the car oil changed or pay the bills or go to the dentist.

When you come from an already established place of peacefulness inside your soul or happiness or joyfulness, then those other mundane routine things that actually sometimes are quite disconcerting to some of you, the dentist being one for some of you here today, it’s not as scary. It’s not as boring. It’s not as mundane.

When you are in a joyful space, when you are in a happy space, when you are in a pleasant heart filled energetic space, then everything you do beyond that or within that leans towards joy. It leans towards happiness. It leans towards positivity.

So yes, it might be possibly mundane to be sitting in the waiting room of the oil change service department, but you can do so with happiness in your heart, knowing that you have a free few minutes to do breathing exercises or centering or grounding or an energetic check in with your hands on your bodies.

And no, we understand that this is not something that is normally done in most of your societies. Most of you take out your little devices that you call your phones and you begin to numb out by scrolling and mindlessly playing. You are becoming automatons when you do that.

And we’ve spoken about this in past messages that you may wish to go back and listen to again.

We don’t mean to share that you are becoming automatons with any kind of doom or gloom, but we here in the light, we here as effervescent guides to humanity are noticing that you are numbing out. You are turning your potential off on a grand scale more than you ever have before. Which is why we are so pleased that so many of you are with us here today, listening to the words that we say because it means that you are not numb in this moment and you are completely within your own centeredness. You are completely activated and acclimatized to your own authenticity.

We would like to counsel you that it would be wise to be able to have more of you doing more things that bring you into your centeredness, your groundedness, your balanced peacefulness, more frequently than you are doing.

So take our words as suggested guidance. We never wish to be all authority figures in your lives. That is not our purpose. We are simply guides.

But if this resonates with you, as a message to be true and you notice that there are times in your personal life that you are on auto scroll, or autopilot in the ways that you are behaving, begin to cultivate a return to your breath work. Begin to cultivate a return to your peacefulness in your emotional centeredness.

And if you find that this is a check-in that you can do rather frequently and it is joyful for you or it is pleasing for you, then you might begin to share this awareness with those around you.

It’s like a game of telephone being spread down the line. If you find breathing for 5 minutes and a concentrated way while you’re waiting for your oil to be changed to be beneficial, then you might share that with your loved ones, or your best friend, or your trusted colleague at work, so they may have a seed planted in their mind to be able to try the same routine.

And of course we give the breathing during the oil change as an example. You don’t need to follow that specifically, but you get the gist of what we are saying. There are always opportunities for you to cultivate your own blissful balance to beingness. And you know your ways. You find your own time. You find your own path way into your own divine.

So, there are many, many of you with many, many opportunities and many, many things that you can do. We also want to say that it is very important that you also take time to play.

So many of you have forgotten that play is important for your creative selves. Your creative selves view art and notice color and appreciate scent and texture on that Earth plane and you find joy and your young ones and joy and your elders rather than complaint from your young ones and apathy from your Elders.

When you are in a space of play, you yourself can become lighter, more effervescent with your frequency. You all have a frequency that you vibrate at. Some are dense and some are light and most are somewhere in between. You vacillate through hours of your day and your night.

You understand what we’re talking about. Rght now, you are feeling a sense of calmness washing through your vibratory frequency, as we are speaking to you because we come from a place in the ether at large that is of the most serene and peaceful list that you could ever imagine. And we emanate that out around us like magnatary thumbprints wherever we go. And, you are feeling that and it is touching your frequencies.

And for some of you, you are absorbing that and receiving it and you are morphing into that as well. That is often why we say to you, when we speak to you, in these ways that we do with these concentrated messages, that it is more than just listening to our words. It is an activation of sorts.

You are becoming activated to the vibrational frequency that we are putting out, like a radio dial to those of you on the Earth plane that are tuned in and listening to us. It can happen during these liv experiences, such as the here and now. Or, it can also occur if you listen to us post recorded. Our vibrational frequency is like an etched glass. Once it is etched it is always recorded.

So, if you are live with us or you are listening to a recording of us, the vibrational frequency potential is the same. Everything that you have ever spoken in your entire verbal communication is always being sent out forward, beyond you forever into eternity.

Your thought forms create your lives and the things that you speak create your realities. And so, everything that you say makes the world around you. That is a very powerful and yet very simple statement that we make.

For you are all in a pivotal place there on the earth plane as humans. We will speak plainly and bluntly here for the sake of time, but we don’t wish to alarm you in any way.

We will just say that you are running your Earth amok. You are draining the resources that are so dear to your Humanity’s existence returning lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

If you decide that your Earth can be thrown away, which you are acting like as Humanity, by the way. We know that those of you listening to us today have selected an understanding of the way you want to utilize your resources on the Earth plane. But we talk as a collective consciousness of “you” as Humanity, because we are outside of you as humanity.

We don’t come from you as humanity. So, it is up to you to change your frequency there. It is up to you to create your balanced, abundant Joy. It is up to you to create your centeredness, your Zen zone of peacefulness. And, it is up to you to constantly move forward, with happiness and joyfulness and playfulness in your hearts.

Otherwise, your creation of Humanity’s structure of being alive on the Earth plane is