I had the great fortune to channel this month’s message while at the family lake house here in New England. Water is a conductor and amplifier of spiritual energy and I was eager to hold all my client sessions for the day and then this subsequent channeled message for May while sitting by the lake. As I thought, the water amplified the energy. If you listen (or read) carefully, you can hear the Council of Light make reference to the lake.

Also, at one point I was personally so moved and touched by what the Council of Light were saying about humanity being awesome, that they actually had to stop channeling and let my ego emotions calm down. It’s a lovely, uplifting message. Someone in the live audience said, “Wow. That was AMAZING! I can’t wait to hear next month’s message!” I quite agree. Cheers!




Greetings to you all.

We are so thrilled to be here with you today. Hip, hip hooray, for it is the first of May, and we chuckled, because, where we come from in the ether, in the up above, in the all-around, in the far away, in the here-and-now, get it, we’re everywhere all the time.

There is no sense of time. There are no calendars. There is no day, and there is no night. There’s only love everlasting and ever ever, so bright.

And so, when we come to you in these ways, your these voice boxes of these people, this woman here, in particular, on the Earth plane, we talk to you as humans and we see that you have schedules and boxes and calendars and ticks and routines and check marks and all the things that help you keep organized and make sense of your incredibly sensory rich world.

From when you are tiny babies to when you are the very old, you’ve grown very intelligent. You have routines, and you have scripts and you have programming and you have mastered the understanding of keeping track of your days as they go. And you understand how to mark your time from day today from morning to night from Century to Century and the like.

And we chuckle because when you all return to spirit form, for as you know, your soul never dies, you go into a space of openness of all-encompassing-ness. Of what Laura calls is zen emptiness. And there is no need for the calendars. There is no need for clocks or keeping track of time. It’s all a construct that you’ve all created there while you’re in your human form on that Earth plane.

Now within noting this with you we would also like to make a distinction and point out that there are things that happen over the course of periods while you are evolutionarily growing, aligning, harmonizing and moving forward on your continuum’s that mark change.

We see and sense when there are massive shifts of energetic frequency on that Earth plane. You sense them all the time as a collective Consciousness.

You as a globe are coming out of a period of staying home. That is a collective consciousness of a period for yourselves. It will be recorded by you now, in your scholarly ways, so that people in future centuries can look back on this and say, “oh, look at what they did back then” and you will be able to move forward into a space of Harmony and growth and continuum with the divine.

So, we wish to say that it is really important for you right now here, in this way to pause. And to notice how you are feeling and how you are harmonizing and how you are alchemizing for, you know, you have the opportunity to do this all the time.

Many of you have experienced great changes and great shifts in your last calendar year. Some of you for the better and some of you for the more hard, we don’t wish to call this to your attention to bring up strife, or worry or fear, but just to notice and to mark that now is an energetic time of movement forward. This space. This place. This moment that you are in is a freedom. This moment that you are altogether, sitting here in this Collective, Consciousness listening to our words is a peacefulness.

This moment is an opportunity to breathe very deeply into your being and exhale very deeply peacefulness out around you. In fact, we will encourage you to do so now. If you could, kindly sit straight up or lay prone, and relax, and close your eyes, if they’re not already closed, and take a deep breath into the center of your beings, filling yourselves. And on your slow, exhale, and release allowing peacefulness to take hold.

Doing this again, breathing into your belly and your centeredness. And exhaling peacefulness and calmness all around you. And doing this one more time. Breathing into your centeredness. And exhaling out peacefulness. All around you.

Do you notice the frequency of change?

Some of you might feel a dramatic shift and some of you might notice something more subtle. When you can cultivate this space in this way, you create a peaceful harmonic living, a peaceful harmonic way of being you create peace, and you become peace. So, it’s important for you to practice this and to do this on a regular basis.

Now we say that the breathing work that we have you do here is just one way. You have many, many, many ways that you can cultivate consciousness of positivity and vibrational frequency in your lives.

Vibrational frequency is very important to take note of. Some of you are very keenly aware of when things feel disgruntled, when things feel like sandpaper, when things feel like they are out of alignment and out of Harmony.

And others of you blindly trudge forward mucking through the mire and the strife. And you don’t notice that it is hard and it is affecting you and it is making you feel disgruntled as well. But it does.

The energies of the frequencies on that earth plane around you do affect you all. Think of them as energetic magnets pulling you to and fro, pushing you forward and moving you back.

We don’t mean to say that you are all suggestible little robots. No. You are all your own beings with your own Consciousness and your own strength and tenacity and kindness and joy.

But we do wish to say that in these moments of cultivated positivity cultivated peacefulness cultivated expression of calmness you can begin to change the frequency that you vibrate at – that harmonization of energy that is you – into those more joyful more, calm, more peaceful, more uplifted spaces.

And so, we like to practice with you, when we get to speak to you in person. The world needs more Peace. The world needs more Calm. The world needs more kindness. The world needs more joy. And you can become those things.

You are those things. You are doing those things as you participate in this kind of situation now, here together, co-creating, Goodwill among all of humanity.

Loving kindness and compassion for yourself first and then echoing it out around you like sound waves or like ripples on the water of the lake by Laura.

You humans, you are so lucky. You are truly blessed to be there on that Earth plane with all those sights and smells and tastes and sensations and sounds and experiences and colors and textures. It’s really quite a glorious place to choose to go to.

The reason you incarnate into your being-nesses, lifetime, after lifetime after lifetime is, so that you can have fun and you can learn and you can grow and you can experience all the visceral things there are to experience.

You don’t always incarnate yourselves every single lifetime in repetition over and over and over again. Sometimes you take breaks. Sometimes you’re in Soul form for a little bit longer than other times. And you don’t always come here to this place that you call the Earth. Some of you go to other places in other Realms with other beings. And you do the same kinds of experiential, playfulness experiences.

But the point we make here today now is that there is this beautiful pause that you are taking by listening to our words. And there is this realigning and harmonizing and releasing and grounding and balancing that is occurring for you.

We said in the beginning of our message that there is no concept of time and that there is no concept of calendar or record-keeping where we come from. And where you are there is actually definition of energetic change on a regular basis.

And then not only is it fun for us to come here today to be with you, in the Amplified way, with Laura, as she sits next to this body of water, but we get to come to you today because there is an amplification of energetic Awakening happening on that earth plane across all frequencies.

And we want to point it out to you so that you can become aware of that too so that you can notice and you can step into the alignment of it. Think of it like a superhighway. You’re allowed to step into the path of it and be carried by it. Become energized. Become awakened.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to become super busy and you have to leave your dwellings and you have to become 24/7 programed. No. That is the opposite of awakened. That is automaton. We don’t want you to become automatons. That would defeat the purpose of your consciousnesses.

When we talk about stepping into this awaked energetic frequency, what we mean is it is time for you to notice when you feel the zest, when you feel the Sparks of Glory in your lives, when you feel the sparkly shimmering light in your lives, when you feel energized, it could be morning, it could be noon, it could be night, it could be when you’re with certain people, it could be when you’re doing certain things, whether it’s work-related or spiritual practice related or health and fitness related, or relaxing related.

By the way, did you know that relaxing is one of the most regenerative things that you could ever do for your physical bodies? It’s true. When you are cultivating a space of relaxed, cultivated participation in your life, you are able to operate at all systems go. Because you are allowing yourselves to slow down and to recharge and to harmonize your batteries. And then you can go again moving forward at top speed and in perfect form.

We talk in some sort of generality here in this way but you understand and you get the idea. It is unique for each of you and your own way. We don’t subscribe to one right practice or one dogmatic idea. We like that we can come to you and share that it’s important for you to notice for yourselves the things that bring you joy, the things that bring you balance and it’s ring the things that bring you peacefulness and that make you feel empowered. They’re all different.

There’s so many of you here right now and each of you is going to have a unique answer. Think about all the ways that you feel wonderfully aligned. We feel the vibration of loving kindness, as it floats from all of you as a collective Consciousness. Because you are cultivating warm fuzzy feelings in your hearts and in your minds. Think about all the ways that you feel powerful. Not ego-based power that says you are grander than others. But authentic power says that you are really in your best, just right place in your Harmony and in your alignment.

That is you. You can be those things all the time, you might not feel it. Sometimes you feel sad. Sometimes you feel disgruntled or bored or distracted. It’s okay. After those times that you can come back into these states of alignment. These states of Consciousness, right here, right now like this. And with all your other practices that you have in your lives, you are such Divine beings. You are such great Souls. You are beautiful inside and out. You are effervescent and you are glowing with light.

And we want to remind you that you are Great Divine beings. And if anyone hasn’t told you in a while, you are unique and you are special. And we value you. You matter.

You matter.

We have paused our talking now. We see that our words, coming through the voice box on this woman, Laura, are causing her to feel an emotional heartstring tugs. She is moved by the feeling and the sensations of this Universal loving kindness.

And so, we want to give her a moment to regroup and to hold all of that. Not so that she has to tuck it away, but so that it doesn’t overwhelm her and distract from our message, that is at play.

And now, we will continue.

As you go fourth on that earth plane, in your day-to-day routines and in your Harmony and in your grace and in your special motivated and energetic space, remember our words come back to them often. Refer to them whenever you need to have a jolt, have a boost, have a confidence push, have a loving kindness pat-on-the-back, think of us like a great sacred hug.

It is okay for you to listen to our words over and over again. It is special, of course for you to listen to us in this live performance here.

And now, and we’re just so thrilled that Laura has chosen to participate in bringing us through to all of you in this way because we can reach so many of you, in such a vast way.

You may all feel like you are far apart on the Earth plane in different locations. Distances that need driving or flying or boating to get to. And yet you’re really not.

You all have a heart. You all have lungs. You all have brains. You all have energetic, and auric frequencies. And so, yes, you are all the same.

You clothe yourselves with beautiful differences. You paint your skin colors and you curl your hair and you grow your bodies in different shapes and sizes. And you make different sounds come out of your mouths to create uniqueness. To create special-ness as you incarnate into your human forms.

And yet you’re all the same, you are all love. You are all light. You are all effervescent goodness every day and every night. The way you present yourselves to the world is unique and special. The way you chose to live this life, the way you chose to incarnate and become the person that you are is actually very wonderful. And we celebrate that too, we celebrate that too.

You all have strengths, you all have compassion. You all have wonderful qualities that you bring to that earth plane and as a humanity you can lift each other up. You can celebrate each other. You can look for the kindness and the goodness in one another.

Is there suffering? Yes, there is sorrow. Yes, there is anger. That is always present on the earth plane. It will never go away and sometimes you experience it too.

And within that, you get to come back to this pulsation, this harmony the stabilisation of loving kindness of compassion, of self Grace. Whenever you need to, whenever you want to over and over and over. The more you do that, the more you become that. You become the peace. You become the grace. You become the passion. You become the enlightened intelligence. You become the calmness.

And then that becomes the world around you because you send that frequency out to everyone you touch subconsciously. You don’t need to think, “Be the peace. Be the peace, be the peace, be the peace.”

You just ARE the peace.

It’s a very liberating understanding, knowing that you can just be. And it’s a wonderful quality and that the more you just be in your loving kindness and in your positivity, the more you change the worlds vibrational frequency into a loving, kind and positive place.

So human beings on that Earth, plane. Kudos to you. Congratulations. Right now, here in this moment in this pocket of the Earth plane, with all of you gathered in this group, listening to our words, relaxing and your physical bodies and breathing in your calm conscious breath, you are doing it, you are doing it.

You are creating the world in which you wish to live and we say you are doing a splendid job today. We are always so thrilled to be with you in this space and in this place, in this way, coming through the voice box of Laura, to speak to you.

We do so in this funny way and this thing that you call the “first Saturday of your month”, so says, Laura as she schedules and navigate all the things on her to-do list in her life. And yet we say that we are always in connection with you. We are always in relationship with you. We are always championing you. We’re always by your side and we are always going to provide a space for you