Hello March!

This message was channeled in a fun, vibrant. light hearted energy.

We could all use more of that, right?!?




Laura West:

Hi everyone, welcome to another month and our Council of Light channeled messages here in our
membership. I am so excited and eager to be able to have them come through. I don’t know what they’re
going to say this month. So, I’m going to stop talking and let them come through to you. But I feel joyful
right now. Just moving into this. I’m not quite sure why so let’s let them take over.

Council of Light:

Greetings to you all, you bright blessed beings on that Earth plane. We see that each of you is a bundle
of joy and a ball of energy that is just so filled with light and effervescence.

And we wish to say to you that it is wonderful to be here with you and to co-create and to harmonize your
frequencies as you listen to our words. For that is often what is happening as you take time to pause and
listen here, you are being restructured and realigned and harmonized and uplifted and redefined. By not
only what we are saying and you are auditorily hearing our words and soaking that in and turning that into
knowledge for self, but on a subtle vibrational frequency you are transmuting and clarifying and purging in

So, we wish to share with you. In this space that there is so much joyfulness around you now and at this
moment it is time to tune into the vibration of the joyfulness. You might be noticing a lightness and
effervescent feeling in your lives.

You might be noticing a happiness or propensity moving towards clear sightedness in your mind. Small
waverings perhaps or wandering or awarenesses that are coming into your Consciousness.

There is a shift happening on the Earth plane with an energetic structural frequency that is changing. And
you’re part of that and because you’ve been doing this alignment work and because you listen to our
messages over and over and over again, and because you are in a space of Harmony you’re able to
sense the joyfulness. And maybe if you haven’t sensed it before now, now that we set it out loud, you can
notice it more because it is all around you in your lives.

So, where does the joyfulness come from and why does it ebb and flow at different times of the year?
Well, it’s actually always present. And in your ego rational mind that is out of flow and doesn’t notice that it
isn’t contained within the full the flow of joy, you are often times trying to stabilize yourselves and to
balance and to be in that zone of harmonization and you fall out of it.

It’s very easy for humans to do. The ego is stressed, or it forgets or The To Do List is long and busy or
you don’t take time to listen, you know all the reasons why.

But we will remind you that when you can be in the space of Consciousness like you are now listening to
this message, you can be in a state of vibratory frequency of upliftedness, vibratory frequency of
Harmony. And this is your natural state of being. This is your true state of grace. You came from this state, this ether of all knowingness, this this space of significant vibratory harmoniousness to Incarnate as
humans on the Earth plane and you will return back to this space when you leave your Earthly bodies.
You’re going to be able to do so with ease and with Grace by the way. Now it is up to you on a day-to-day
basis from moment-to-moment to cultivate an understanding and an awareness of the purity of this
effervescent Essence that we speak of.

There’s a lot of joy that always is waiting for you to notice just like there’s a lot of goodness in the world and a lot of positivity and it takes some of you a tremendous amount of energy and effort to find that positivity and to find that goodness. You can do that with the joy. It’s here all around you. It’s like a field of flowers waiting for you to just lay down and breathe it in so deeply in fact, let’s do that now.

Takes a nice deep breath into the center of your beingness.
Exhale completely.
Again, take some nice deep centered breaths into your middle of your being Ness.
And exhale completely.
And as you breathe in breathe in joy
As you exhale, exhale Joy out all around you.
Steep yourself in this.
Breathe in.
Breathe in
It’s really okay for you to be in this place all the time.

And it’s certainly okay for you to come back to listen to this message over and over and over again so that
you can be in this joyful state of grace.

Some of you use our words like training wheels. Some of you are quite advanced in your awareness of
your connectedness to Spirit. But all of you have the right to be in this space at all times. Your joy awaits you. It’s right here, now. In this moment.

Be the joy.
See the joy.
Feel the joy, cultivate the joy.
Perpetuate the Joy, share the joy.
You are the joy.
It’s part of your natural state of being.

We want to also acknowledge that we’ve been doing some harmonic resonance frequency updating to
your motherboards: IE your systems as we’ve been working here with you and talking with you today.
We have been doing some, as you call them on the earth plane, “updates to your apps of your particular

So in the coming days you will notice that there is an ease and a gracefulness that goes along with your
structure and with your routines and with your navigation through your social connections and it’s
because we’ve just done some tweaking and some twinging and some harmonizing and some aligning.
We are always happy to be in the space with you and we gratefully co-create with you. And we bring you
forward into a state of Harmony and we hold your hands and we bless you all the days through.
Thank you for being here with us today.

And we wish you bright blessings and we will say namaste until the next time we are to wrap you in a
golden blanket on light to keep you and sustain you and hold you ever so tight.

Laura West:

So wonderful. There’s a little bit of external noise outside my house. I’m in my home office now doing this
work with you. And so it brought me out of my Harmony there for a minute. You might have seen me
pause and awaken.

Actually, I’m always awake when I do the channel message work for the Council of Light. Years and years
ago when I first started this work, I would have to go to sleep and not remember what I was saying, but
now I can easily speak their message and I can be fully alert and awake in conversation.
Like I am now it’s a nice gift and I appreciate the time that I have here with you in this moment. So thank
you. Be in touch with any wonderings or questions or work you’d like to do. I’m always available.

© All Rights Reserved. Laura West, M.Ed., RMT | Divine Lotus Healing, LLC. | March 2021

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