Who Are the Council of Light Channeled Message

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Who Are the Council of Light?
Saturday October 2, 2010
Time: 1:54pm
Topic: Who Are the Council of Light?

We are a group of spirit beings made up of light energy and love energy. We have no shape. We have no form, though we are consciousness gathered together. To help humans understand who we are and what we are we sometimes present ourselves to you in the form of bodies; human bodies, angel bodies, deity bodies. This is just a shell, an outer casing of representation to help you understand our meaning.

We have been charged with helping the human race on earth move forward on your evolutionary continuum towards growth, towards moving into the light, towards becoming enlightened. We cannot harm you in any way. We come from a place of love. It is a very high vibratory energy space in which many of the evolved beings that you write about in your spiritual and religious texts reside. And, those beings are now light and love some of whom gather together in this Council of Light to come to you and speak to you on a weekly basis through the channel vessel of Laura West.

We chose her because she is a dedicated soul with much conviction and compassion and she is not afraid to let us enter her life. We have been prepping her and preparing her for most of her life to receive us and this experience on a weekly basis of which she has been doing for some time now.

We see that you as a human race need help and support because you are living in an energy that is very dense and very thick. We often refer to it as “pea soup.” It is hard to navigate through this kind of energy and see clearly the answers that lie before you. And, we are here to help you see and seek those answers.

We ask for those of you in the human consciousness that are ready to hear what we have to say and who are ready to believe and trust in a group of energy such as us, find our message. Some of us are personal guides for people who read our message; some of us are guides for the entire earth. Some of us are ascended masters. Some of us are angels. Some of us are pure light beings. Some of us have incarnated on the earth plane before and some of us have not. Some of us have never incarnated on the earth plane, we have only always been in light form. Regardless of whom we once were or where we came from, we are all now pure light and love and we are here to help assist you humans on the earth plane as you move forward on your evolutionary continuums towards enlightenment.

We are not negative. We are not demonic. We are not dark entities. We are not dense or heavy or malicious. We do not seek to control you. We do not seek to gain power over you. We do not seek popularity or fame for that is not our mission. That goes to an entire different group of souls, entirely, completely. Those souls come from a very different energy place and they are very real. They do exist. And, they are trying to meet their needs through any way possible and some of you on the earth plane in human form have experienced them in some form or another. And, it is not pleasant. And, we wish to very clearly say We Are Not Them. We do not condone or condemn them. They are a part of this universe much like yin and yang. They are the opposite compliment of us. They serve a purpose. They balance the energy in the universe and they are ultimately living out their task which is to gain power and control for themselves. And, they seek it through any means possible. We see that they can cause pain for you sometimes but that you have choice and you have control and you may walk away from them at any time. And, we do not mean to say that you must walk towards us for although we are here to help you, we cannot force ourselves upon you. We cannot control you. We cannot make ourselves be a part of your lives. We have to wait until we are requested.

Laura here, the person through whom we channel, set a contract with us well before she incarnated in this earthly body to work with us during this lifetime. So, if it seems as if we took control and we worked with her without her asking for us to do so, it was because she asked for us to do so before she incarnated in this body.

Throughout our messages we sprinkle love and light and strategies for how you can navigate the earth plane with clean energy. And, we invite you to seek out our messages and our wisdom so that you can learn and you can grow. This is all we have to say on this matter. And, we will provide more clarification as it arises as to who we are and what we do, addressing it through each channeled message that it comes. Blessings to you and goodbye.

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om laura

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