Divine Lotus Healing Tools for Empaths

Tools for Empaths

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Being an empath is both a blessing and a curse at times. Empaths can feel the energy of the world around them. All the time. This is a great tool for knowing how to navigate social situations or how to understand people more clearly. But sometimes, if you don’t know how to control the flood gates, or not be so open all the time, it can feel like you are constantly being run over by a big truck!

Fortunately, in my holistic healing practice with clients and class participants, we practice controlling our empathic openness. Not to block ourselves from the world, but to shield ourselves from the big energy coming at us and taking over.

These are some of the resources I have personally vetted and found helpful for people over the years. I highly recommend them (this post contains affiliate links):

Resources for Empaths to Use Today


Sonia Choquette is an amazing teacher and empath. Her books are so wonderful. When I was first opening my skills, I fell in love with her work and still recommend it to everyone on the same path today!

Gabby Bernstein is amazing. She transfers the light and is helping to shift our planet into a higher dimension. I’ve had the honor of meeting her in person and taking some classes with her. The Universe book is a good workbook for anyone wanting to practice skills in a hands on basic way.


Gabby offers an amazing Spirit Junkie Master Class (digital version) that you should consider signing up for when it opens each spring. Make sure you are on my email list to register when it goes live! I took the course after being in the “light” business for almost a decade and it helped me uplevel BIG TIME. If you make one investment in yourself, this course should be it. Everyone gets something valuable from it.

Card Decks

Sometimes, it’s helpful to ask a question and pull a few cards! These are two of the best that I recommend.


Just want to sit there and soak it all in? Use a meditation! My golden divine light meditation is based on the meditation we start each Psychic and Spiritual development class with. It calls in all the big energy and protects you as you set up your day – preparing to venture out in the world of energy.

Gerri Shanti DeSimone was my teacher when I was first professionally opening my psychic skills. Her CD is useful at helping you practice connecting and clearing your energy field.

Aura Spray

I make these Om aura sprays in artisanal, hand crafted small batches. Om Aura Spray is great for clearing energy. I use it All The Time. Spray it over your body after coming in contact with other people’s energy. Spray it in your office to clear the vibes. Spray it on your couch to clear the energy. Seriously. Just spray this stuff everywhere. (Want to be the first to know when the latest batch has been made? Get on the email list! These sprays sell out fast so it’s first come, first serve.)

Have you tried any of these resources? Do you have others to recommend? Please share your experience!

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