Time To Rest Channeled Message

This month’s channeled message theme is “Time to Rest” and relates to the energy that is churning around us in the greater collective consciousness right now. The Council of Light tell us we are like static on the FM dial and we need to get centered and calm to hear the spiritual realm clearly.




Laura West:
Welcome to this month’s channeled message from the Council of Light. It’s always a joy for me to do this
work and bring them through to you here. They come through a lot of my client sessions in snippets and I
love being able to have this extended version time with them for you all to listen to a lengthy message. So
it’s always a pleasure and an honor to do this work and I hope that it is something you find as valuable as
I do. It’s a great gift for me to be able to share this with you. So thank you for being here today.
So, let’s get to it. Let me just take a sip of water. We can invite the Council of Light come and speak to us
today. I have no idea what they’re going to tell us. So, this is, well, will be a lovely surprise for me. Here
we go. Sit back relax and enjoy yourselves.

Council of Light:
Greetings to you all you bright blessed beings on that Earth plane. We see that you are all tiny beacons of
light walking around each in your own right.
We are the Council of Light and we come on a regular basis to wish you good tidings of joy, and to help
you steer your ships through your night.
It is turbulent there on the earth plane. And we see and sense that there is much upheaval once again
and we are here to assuage that for you.
You can unplug in these moments of listening to our words and you can listen with a relaxed ease and
Grace and comfort that is not heard at other times in your busy lives.
We would remind you now that it is time to relax and sink into your energy vibration, your deeper
frequency of peaceful loving kindness.

So, take some deeper breaths into your beings and relax your muscles drop your shoulders place your
hands in a relaxed position and allow yourselves to move into the space of co-creation of energetic
frequency of positivity with us as we speak to you here now. The more relaxed you are and the more
stress free your mind can be the more you are able to receive our frequencies.
It’s like a radio dial tuning in on the FM or the AM station. We are crystal clear and we are coming to
projected through this voice box of this woman here.

Can you understand? Can you sense? Can you feel the purity of the vibration?
If you can’t it’s because your frequency on the FM dial or the AM dial is full of static.

What do you need to do to relieve this? You need to practice every day being in your centeredness. You
need to practice every day being in your peacefulness. You need to practice every day being in your
brightness full of light and joy and grace.

There is a lot of stress on that earth plane. There is a lot of anger. There is a lot of polarization. Step out
of all of that now. Be here in this suspended Holy place. Be here in this Sacred Space. Be here in this
graceful setting allowing your frequency to expand and to rise and open so that you may harmonize into a
frequency, into a state of being that is exalted. That is joyful. That is light filled.

Practice this everyday. We don’t prescribe one routine or one way, you all come to this work with
individual routines. Some of you pray. Some of you move your bodies. Some of you have specific scripts
that you say. Some of you anoint. Some of you cast spells. Some of you are agnostic. It is all okay.
The point is you must start to recognize when you are in alignment with this pure vibration frequency that
we bring to you here now.

Allow yourself daily touchstones with this frequency. Allow yourselves the space and the freedom and the
flexibility of this place. How? Come back, each day, listen over and over again to our words if you must.
it’s not required. You can do other things that bring you into the space Harmony just as much as listening
to our words here now. You can sit quietly in a peaceful setting. You can read a magazine. You can drink
a cup of tea. You can go for a walk. You can do some quiet breathing in a concentrated way.
It doesn’t matter what you do. Just do it.

It’s important for you to do this on a daily basis. It’s important for you to cultivate this sense of
peacefulness. It’s important for you to practice this because there is so much at stake.
The energies of the Earth plane are muddled. The frequencies are full of static and you are easily
knocked off course. But not if you have resilience, not if you are grounded, not if you cultivate your
peacefulness of mind and emotion.

When you cultivate your peacefulness of mind and emotion you are able to rest in a space of perpetual
peace relaxation and Grace at every turn.
We would like to honor this with you now. And remind you that you are in this space now. Let go of your
worries, exhale your strife. Take all your stressors and put them to the side. We do not mean to banish
them completely that is not our task for they will always be there for you as humans.

You will have trigger points and the trigger points are often times the opportunities for you to say,
“Oh, here is the stress in my life.”
“Oh, here is the point that is uncomfortable.”

“Oh, here is where I need to make a change.”
“Oh, here is where I want to do things differently.”

And so you say thank you to those awarenesses and you carry on, you move through, you change the
script or the routine or the attitude or the mind mantra so that it shifts into a lighter more positive

It can be done. It can be cultivated and we are telling you very clearly now that it must be done for you. It
must be done here today and starting now, everyday.
Think of something now that brings you stress or worry or anxiety or strife or annoyance or
disgruntledness, it could be anything small or large.
And now think about that in context with you being outside the strife, outside the stress, outside to worry,
the stress, the anxiety Etc. Look at it like you are looking into a fishbowl acknowledging somebody else is
carrying the load.

What would you recommend to that person to do to let go of the strife and the stress and the worry?
There you go. There’s your advice that you’ve just given to yourself.
You know how to make a change in your sails in your ship so that you are tacking with the wind, not
against it. You’ve just tacked against the wind for so long and you struggled so much that you’ve forgotten
how it is okay to be easy and full of grace.
When you are in alignment, everything falls into place.
Life is good.
Life is easy.
There are hardships. There are speed bumps. There are pitfalls, but you move through them much more
quickly and easily and less stressfully.

So, take what you have just given this awareness of knowledge to yourself and move it into an application
starting now. Write it down on a piece of paper if you have to and call it forward everyday as your mind
begins to think about the stress, the strife, the worry, etc.

Bring forward this new advice that you’ve just given to yourself so that you may move forward into
peacefulness, positivity and Grace. The more you are centered and balanced and grounded the less
polarized and angry and acclimatize to fear and hatred you will be.

It is that simple, you see. You will become more tolerant of others You will be able to hold a peaceful
resonance for those who have other ideas that are different than your own. You will not be bothered by
discrepancies of the collective Consciousness.

You will understand that your peacefulness cannot be rocked. It is unwavering in its faith. It is your divine
right to live a happy and peaceful life. And through these actions of listening to our words and cultivating
the process of the peacefulness in your mind you are carrying out your divine right.
It doesn’t have to be a grand sweeping gesture can be micro actions on a day-to-day basis. And then
those micro actions make up your grand life of peacefulness and joy.

That is evidenced by people during this stay-at-home time who have found great Bounty and great
Beauty and great wonder and great Joyfulness in staying home. Yes, there are speed bumps for them as
well. Yes, there are pain points for them as well, but they received the overarching gracefulness and they
look at the positive side of the opportunities to take this rest. And that is what they focus on and it
outweighs the strife, it outweighs the stress. They don’t banish the stress completely it is still there, but
they don’t let it dominate them with every care.

So, you yourself need to put this into practice. You yourselves need to put this into alignment. You
yourselves need to start here and now today and we are championing you at every turn because as we
have always said we come to the collective consciousness of humanity and we speak through this voice
box of this woman here and we give you this advice day in and day out week after week, month after
month, year after year.

And we always remind you that you can cultivate a joyful harmonious life. You are living at right now and
these moments while you listen to our words.
So take heed.
It is time.
Get to work. You have been acclimatized.
And we smile and chuckle as we give you this command for really we understand that it is not a demand.
You have ownership over your own lives in the pace that what you do things and some of you will be
ready to apply these words today and some of you will take days, weeks, months, years and that is all
okay. Go at your own paces. We have told you before walking around on that dense energy Earth plane
is like walking through thick pea soup, and we see that it takes a tremendous amount of energy for you to
start something new.

We don’t judge, we hold space. That’s what we do. We are from the light Realm of the Source Energy.
think of us as Angels or archangels or deities or Saints or loving vibration consciousness of nothing and
everything all at once.

It doesn’t matter what you think of us as just know that we are always championing you and we will come
back again to greet you and salute you.

You humans are remarkable beings you have tremendous ability to tap into creativity and joyfulness and
there is much abundance all around you: color and sound and sensation and taste and fragrance
abounds. Revel in it. Take pleasure in it. You chose to Incarnate on that Earth plane for a reason.
Enjoy your time while you are there in those human shells called bodies.

Your souls are content.
Your souls are happy.
Your souls are peaceful.

This is what your souls wanted to do: to be on that Earth plane, to commingle in a physical form, to make
meaning and structure and routine in that 3D place. Enjoy it. Make the most of it. Work towards the
positivity through all of it, and you will live a happy and Abundant Life.

Namaste, thank you for listening to our words today. We will leave you now. We’ve given you a quite a
grand directive and we want to keep this short and sweet so that you can reflect on it and apply it and
begin to work on it.

So, listen back to the words throughout this next bit of time as you see fit so that you can remember and
you can reapply and you can rework into your lives the routines of positivity. Thank you for being here
with us today, and we wish you bright blessings on this great day until the next time we say adieu.
Goodbye for now.

Laura West:
So quick message, I suppose. I don’t even know how much time has actually, but it feels like a grand
message. Doesn’t it? We have work to do. Reach out to me and share with me how you are applying this
to your lives.

I’m always curious to hear from folks as to how to these messages get interpreted and worked on as you
do your work in your life. Thank you so much, and I look forward to being with you again next time.

© All Rights Reserved. Laura West, M.Ed., RMT | Divine Lotus Healing, LLC. | December 2020

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