Take a Fall Rest Channeled Message

Take a Fall Rest

This month’s channeled message is out and it’s all about nourishing our bodies with rest. Join the Council of Light as they lead you through this short, simple exercise of laying down and resting while you listen to their words of wisdom.




Laura West:

Hello, everybody. Welcome to October. It’s another beautiful day for a channeled message from the
Council of Light. Let’s get to it and see what they have to say.

Council of Light:

Greetings everyone. We are glad you are here. We wish to bring you ever so near for this is a time of
great cheer for those of you in your Earthly bodies on the Earth plane.

You are entering into a new realm of energy. You are entering into a new space with your physicality,
your psychology and your spirituality. All of it has turned into the next quarter, you see, of the energetic

You are entering into the fall, which you call on the human Earth plane, this period of time that marks
the changing of the seasons. There are leaves that are changing their colors and the air is crisper in
many places. You are shedding the old skins of Summer and you are donning the new skins of Winter.
You are in transition and you are in preparation.

It is time now for you to pause. It is time now for you to rest. It is time now for you to sink into the
deepest happiness. Take some time during this message now to lay down and to close your eyes. Be
completely true to your being, being at rest. Be completely true to your being, being comfortable. Be
completely true to your being, being happy.

There’s a lot going on in the external world around you as always we note from here in the spiritual
realm. You humans make life complicated and we are always here to support you in moving forward.
There is a lot of psychology that is at play in the diverse mind of humanity at large. There is a lot of
emotion running high through your political atmospheres and many of you are experiencing the changes
of Fall routines.

You have family members and you have work schedules that have shifted. Take this moment here today
to lay in your space to close your eyes and to breathe into your being-ness.

Rest. rest, rest.

You don’t need to fall asleep while you listen to these words. However, it is valuable for you to take
some deep and nourishing breaths into your Being-ness. Your physicality needs to have these periods of
rest as you go through these seasonal changes. You just experienced a bookend of sorts, where the
summer energies finished in the fall energies are beginning. Now really, from the spiritual plane, we can
tell you that this particular energy does not happen on one day on the calendar as you all say. It happens
over the course of time.

So you have felt it slowly building and slowly changing is slowly growing into the fall Energies.
And here, now, we invite you to be fully immersed in this new energy, the denseness the closeness, the
comfort of a cloak that is surrounding your being-ness. Allow it to wrap itself around you completely
here as you rest. Feel yourselves being wrapped in a cocoon, a shelter of sorts, a blanket fort, a tent, a
womb. Whatever it is that you think of that encompasses you here now feel like you are safely
protected and kept held inside. Allow yourselves to move forward into this space of relaxation.
Completely let go of all the Mind mental chatter. Completely let go of all the emotional intensity that
brings you strife or worry and feel as you are restored in this space of comfort. Feel as you are restored in the space of wellness. Feel as you are restored in this space is being held in this cocoon in this blanket
in this tent in this womb, whatever it is that you wish to think of as being inside now.

Allow your being-ness to relax, all the muscles of your physical structure of the tendons of your physical
structure, all the Mind chatter of your physical structure, all the emotional pull of your physical
structure. Allow that all to relax. Let it smooth out. Let it be even out. Let it wash itself through so that it
is not held densely packed in tight around you.

It’s important for you to go through these periods of acknowledging yourself in these hyper
concentrated ways. It’s interesting that we use the words hyper concentrated because that signifies and
intensity and we don’t mean that, we actually mean the opposite. You are hyper concentrated now on
doing nothing. You are hyper concentrated now on being at peace, at being relaxed and nourished.
There is not a lot of time for you to do this kind of practice in your everyday lives and we want to remind
you that it’s important to do so and so we bring this to you here today.

This is the practice that you can return to over and over and over again. Rest in this space. Rest in this
place. Rest in this being-ness. Notice if you have any discomfort physically, mentally, emotionally.
Breathe into it.

You might want to place your hands in a spot on your body that is giving you physical discomfort. Feel as
lovely golden Divine Light washes through your hand and into that space. Breathe the light through that
physical space, or through that emotional space, or through that mental head chatter space and allow
the golden Divine Light that we send to you now to gently and slowly rock and relax, ease and smooth
that space. You don’t need to let go of whatever it is completely. You don’t need to forget it. You don’t
need to dismiss it, but you can let it ease. You can let it wash itself through. You can let it become ever
so slightly less intense for you.

Thank you for taking this time to be here today and thank you for taking this time to be here in this way.
It’s important for you to take care of yourselves. You are entering a new era, a new dawn of energies
collectively on that airplane. You, here now, listening to this message are the few that are tapped, in
tuned into the pulse of the consciousness of humanity and it’s important for you to take this time to
always come back to your centeredness and to cultivate a robust fullness for yourselves.
If you don’t take care of your energy capacity and your mental capacity and your physical capacity, you
will not be able to hold space for the rest of humanity.

And we will tell you that you are here to do that, in your own unique ways. Some of you are artist, some
of you are therapist, some of you are emotional holders of space for your loved ones. Some of you are in
professional settings and some of you are doing this from a personal individualized perspective, but
you’re all here holding space for Humanity. Each in your own way. And this exercise today of rest and
relaxation and deep breathing and non movement and thought reduction so that your mind chatter is
calm is important for you to practice.

Come back to this meditation again and again and again over and over and over. The words will be the
same each time and the profound sinking in and relaxation will be the same each time. It’s important for
you to do this as regular practice as we head into the fall and the fall turns into the winter.

Thank you for participating with us today. We are the Council of Light and we wish to say and that you
are bright sparks of light on the earth plane. You are cheerful and you are joyful and you are happy and
we are content to be along for the ride with you by your sides counseling you and guiding you through
life’s journey, through life’s upheavals, through life’s ups and downs.

You are perfect in every way. You are exactly as you should be each and every day. We wish you bright
blessings, and we will say goodbye for now and Namaste.

Laura West:

Thank you so much.
Enjoy your rest.

© All Rights Reserved. Laura West, M.Ed., RMT. | Divine Lotus Healing, llc. | October 2020.

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