It’s July! In this month’s channeled message, the Council of Light talk about what happens when people go back into soul form and they also lead us through a simple, yet powerful, light bubble protection exercise. I’ve pulled this part out as a thread and will upload it as it’s own meditation to my meditation collection for those of you who want to listen to just that part again.

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Laura West:

Alright, so let’s get started. I’m going to close my eyes and I’m going to let the Council of Light come through. You can close your eyes as well. If you’d like, you can lay down, you can sit up straight, you can write in a journal, you can put on headphones, it’s up to you, whatever you feel most comfortable doing. Okay, here we go.

Council of Light:

Greetings. Greetings. Greetings to you all. It is so nice to be with you once again, here in this sweet Divine, loving space on your plane. We are the Council of Light and we come to you from a space in the Ether ever, ever so bright.

We are light beings through and through. We are a loving Consciousness vibration. And we are always here to serve you. We serve Humanity at large and we come through this woman here in her voice box specifically. We work with large groups of you in communities such as this one and we serve Humanity in smaller more intimate private settings, such as session work that this woman offers.

And our task is to support you all on the Earth plane as you grow in your lives, evolutionarily, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. You all come into your lives as human babies and you all have lessons and stumbling blocks and joys and sorrows and elations and knowing-s that occur throughout your time in your human form. And then, when you are ready to expire your physical shells, you go back into soul form.

Think of us as energetic buddies, Aunties, Uncles, grandparent’s, wisdom givers, mentors and the like. We’re always here to provide a warm comforting guide. So, today we would like to express our gratitude for sharing space in this way.

And we would also like to say that there are many of you who have been asking as of late about what happens when Spirit enters into human and spirit form. We hear your questions. You wonder a lot about your own spiritual nature and your own being-ness. It makes sense to you that you have an ego. It makes sense to you that you have physical-ness. And yet it also makes sense to you that you have a spiritual nature, that is more esoteric that you can’t quite put your thumb on the pulse up sometimes.

Although, when we say that, we must acknowledge that many of you in this particular community here are meditators and spiritual practice-rs already on a path of openness and being-ness and knowingness. So, we speak to the public at large and we speak to you, too. And you in this group here, listening to our words, as we share them live with you, are somewhat advanced through this knowledge of your soul selves.

For you do have both a soul and an ego physical shell and they are separate. And your soul knows its ultimate path, its ultimate joys, its ultimate rewards that it seeks throughout your lifetime. And then your ego helps, or hinders, depending on how it’s working to support you in moving forward over and over and over again.

When you are in your physical form, you spend a lifetime connecting, sensing, seeing, tasting, touching, smelling- all those visceral things with your senses there on that earth plane. You keep returning to the Earth over and over and over again because it’s such an amazing place full of so much sensory perception. There’s color. There’s sound. There’s texture. There’s pleasure. There’s temperature fluctuation. There’s all kinds of visceral experiences that you have there on that earth plane.

And yet, when you move back into your soul body, into what most of you human beings called your “ghostly form”, we in the light here don’t refer to you as that but you all know yourself is that. It’s a colloquialism.

When you return to your soul form, you are back in your original state. What is that? Your original state is a vibrational frequency. Your original state is an etheric frequency. Your original state is pure vibrational loving thought form. You have no boundary, you have no structure. You have no physicality in your soul form. And yet you take the shape of a human being to present yourselves to people when you want to communicate with them. Because that’s what you know yourself as when you are in your physical form.

Let’s take a moment to give you an example. You have a physical form as you the human while you are alive in your everyday waking body. And your grandparent or your great-grandparent transpires into their soul form.  They now have become a vibrational frequency of light and love. There is no shape. They are only an energetic vibration and yet for them to make themselves known to you they present themselves as the physical entity that you once knew when they come to you in your thought forms, in your dream, state, in your meditative state, in your awareness of smelling them and you suddenly picture them in your mind’s eye. You as the human on the Earth plane picture them in their human form as well. You don’t necessarily see them in their vibrational form.

When you feel the presence of a loved one in spirit, or you smell the presence of a loved one in spirit, you are feeling and smelling them from their vibrational frequency in your mind’s eye when you see them in their physical form, as they used to be represented when they were human on that Earth plane. You are seeing the manifestation of them coming together in a way in their spiritual place that represents themselves to you in your everyday way.

When Spirit goes back into its Spirit form it goes back into a space of having to remember, having to relearn and sometimes having to learn for the first time, how to cross the threshold, traversing from your 3D, dense, energetic, pea-soup, energy of the Earth plane into the more light vibrationally open space of spirit.

Some human beings when they cross over into their Spirit form, do not have a sense of being able to do this so well and so those of you on the Earth plane who are having a hard time connecting with your loved ones, may think that it is always you that doesn’t know how to open and receive and connect and feel that they are with you.

But most of the time that is not actually the whole story. Most of the time what is happening, is that your human being that is crossed over into their spiritual form is relearning, going to school in spirit, if you will, to be able to figure out how to communicate with you in ways that you can understand them.

It does take some time and then for some Spirit, it is easier than others. For some Spirit, it is easier for them to make a connection with someone such as the woman whose voice box we are coming through here now today, because she is so open and skill with connecting the spiritual presence in a Divine way. She’s always open with her brain wave frequency. It is a psychic muscle that has been developed and is easy to pick up the frequencies of spirit. And so, she very easily can relay to other human beings on that earth plane the messages from their loved ones.

Now, some of you already know how to communicate with your loved ones. Some of you already know how to communicate with your Spirit guides, with your Divine tribe with your angels, with your divine feminine and your Divine masculine, and all of your Saints and deities and beings. All of your animal kingdom and your nature kingdom and the Elemental kingdom. And we applaud you for that. Some others of you are on a journey of working on that.

It doesn’t matter where you are, there is no right and there is no wrong. For you are all in the right place at the right time throughout your entire lives, over and over and over again. Sometimes it might feel squeezed. Sometimes it might feel like there is insurmountable suffering or sorrow, or trauma or pain, but it is always something that is aligned for you to experience and move through.

We don’t say that to tell you that you are justified in having trauma or pain received. We understand that that is a painful frequency and we don’t think that human beings should be subjected to unnecessary trials and tribulations. But in your lifetimes, as you come into your human forms, over and over and over again, we say that you have all kinds of work, all kinds of schooling, all kinds of lessons that you learn from. Patterns that you repeat that grow you into more Divine frequency. Patterns that you repeat that get you stuck and leave you frustrated. And you need support from your somatic practitioners and your mind therapy practitioners to release and move forward from patterns that you repeat and you choose not to work on, in this particular lifetime. It’s all okay. It all runs the gamut.

We, here, in our light body form are a group of universal, loving consciousness. Individual entities that are in some sort of soul form, but we are very high vibrational frequency Way Beyond Humanity. Not in a judgmental “we are greater than thou,” But in a way to understand that you are in your own space and we are here to support you and move forward with loving kindness and Grace. And there are so many hundreds of us that we colloquially call ourselves The Council of Light. We speak to you in one voice all the time, but we come to you as a “we”. We always having Universal message each time we speak with you. And this one is to answer some of your questions that you’ve been wondering about in the last several weeks and we wanted to address them here today.

Let us also share with you that it is a great joy for us to come to you in this live way because for most of the time that we have been coming through this voice box of this woman here, we were coming to your technology devices in a pre-recorded way and it was not as easy to formulate the harmonization and the restructuring of energetic fields to be open with capacities flowing in that pre-recorded state. As it is much easier for us to do so now with all of you sitting here with us in this way.

If you think about your experiences when you go to see a music concert some of you might see it live in the audience and you will feel the energetic frequency much more viscerally, much more acutely. And, others of you will watch it on the TV. You will still experience shift and joy and wonderful pleasing, pleasant, pleasurable experience when you watch it on the TV, but you can understand what we mean when we say that it is always more acute when you are in that live space.

Yes? You know what we are talking about.

Well, on the same is true for this kind of experience here. For those of you who are listening to our words in this live format, when we speak to you now, we have the opportunity to reach your vibrational energy capacity in a way that is much more precise and acute then if you were to listen to us in a pre-recorded fashion. It doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to us in a pre-recorded fashion or after the fact, in a post recorded fashion, maybe we should call this, and that you won’t receive benefits from our vibrational words, for you will But it’s just nice for you to gather together in the space of harmony and loving vibration and connection as a Humanity with a shared goal of consciousness, of mindfulness.

And while you are doing this kind of work, this breathing in and out, this attention to your relaxation of your physical being, this attention to the calling of the thought forms, the pausing of the stressors, it’s always nice for you to be able to be with us because we can begin to play.

Sometimes we take the opportunity to open your energetic motherboards and dust them or rewire them, or give you an upgrade from the “device point something” to the next “device point something higher”. We use your technological frequency system of reference to share with you how we work with your physicality, your energetic, presence, your spiritual mindedness, your emotional being-ness.

Some of you might be aware right now as we are speaking of an energetic shifting that has occurred. A buzzing or tingling or an expansiveness. Some of you with your feet planted firmly on the ground might be noticing a draining away or noticing a flowing out, quality of energy.

While we work with you and share these messages of love and kindness with you there is always a restorative and healing property, like a soothing balm, like a massage, like a healing poultice that is applied to your energetic capacity. It’s just the way that it works. It is the law of universal energetic, harmonic frequency.

You’ve all been in experiences before where you have felt very dense, very dark, very disgruntled sad, traumatic angry, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera energy, and you might notice that you were in a happy mood and then you came up against disgruntled-ness. And suddenly, you found yourself being disgruntled as well. That vibration is one of heaviness and it can be like a magnet to pull you in and make you become heavy as well.

Well, the opposite is actually true here to. We come from this place in the universe that is light, that is expansive, that is effervescent, that is open and vibrationally pure with its harmonic frequency of light and love and Consciousness.

And so when you rest in the quality of listening to our words, whether it be in a live format or a post recorded format or pre-recorded forma however you wish to call it. You too, become pulled into that lightness. Pulled into the effervescence. Pulled into that vibrationally pure frequency that cleanses and clears and harmonizes you’re being. Think of this as a dusting. Think of this as a rewiring. Think of this as a clearing of the clutter experience.

You all are very familiar with that. When you do your other forms of Wellness practice for yourselves. There is not one right way and there is not one singular way that Humanity should be connecting to your authenticity day after day after day.

Be wary of the other human beings on the Earth plane who trying to tell you that their way is the only way. And if you don’t do it their way, you are doing it wrong for that is simply not true. Humanity has so much creativity and wonderment and Joy inside your mental mind capacities that you’ve come up with hundreds of thousands of rituals, processes, routines, practices, prayers, mantras, body movements in a specific rhythmic way, scripts for how to eat food in a specific way, and the like, that there is not one way that is best for all of the billions of you universally together on that earth plane.

So, we always like to remind you that as you become more connected as humans, through your ability to talk to each other easily, effortlessly, live, across your globe, when all of you are in physically different places, that you should look upon your experiences as humans on that earth plane with wonderment and joy and excitement because you get to learn, you get to tasks, you get to try, you get to experience new things all the time.

Never before, have you ever had as much opportunity to be as open and connected