In this episode I interview my dear friend, professional organizer and social worker, Sarah Soboleski, about the second wave of trauma many families are experiencing right now with back to school routines on the radar.



We discuss how to help children (and adults) who are struggling with moving from home back into the school environment.

Questions addressed:

How can we help someone who is worried about returning to school?

How can we support getting used to wearing a mask for long periods.

What can we do to mitigate feeling so isolated, even if someone is back at school but not in a cohort with friends, or they are back at school and learning from home.

How do we keep our cool during so much stress?

How do we reassure children (or adults) when they ask how long this will last?

You can find Sarah at Classically Organized and I do recommend putting yourself on her newsletter, because as I mention in the podcast episode, she has a fabulous “organizing item find of the month” in each monthly newsletter!

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