Happy New Year! This month’s channeled message theme is “New Year Blessings” with the Council of Light giving us clear instructions and blessings during this “new” energy.




Laura West:
Hello, everybody. Welcome to 2021. Let’s do a toast.
If you’d like, you can get a candle or you can sit in meditative position or in prayer position with hands or
you can just rest quietly with your hands in your laps. Before we bring the Council of Light through today,
I’d like to do a little blessing for us:

To all the Souls alive on the Earth plane who’ve been muddling through this past time frame of a year,
may you pause in this moment here now today, to be peaceful to be bliss-filled, to take deep great
breaths into your lungs, to be grateful, to be calm, to be filled with Serenity and peacefulness and to know
that in this moment right here right now you are complete.
You are worthy.
You are filled with love.
You are blessed and you are just perfect in your entirety.
May this coming year of 2021 bring you abundance and contentment, peacefulness and great health and
goals realized. And momentum into positivity and forward-ness in whatever ways serve you to your
highest and your best so that you may live your most satisfied, most fulfilled, most contented life.
Amen. Namaste and so it be. Cheers.

Now, let’s bring through the Council of Light. Shall we?

Council of Light:
Great and glorious Souls. Yes you we are talking to all of you here today. Hip hip hooray, three cheers for
you. This is a turning point, a marker, a movement of time on your Earthly plane. Take this as a closing of
one chapter and a moving into another. We chuckle as we say this, for of course, as you know time is a
construct of humanity to make sense of your worlds, and it doesn’t really exist.

But, you and your brains as human beings need to have chapters. You need to have cornerstones. You
need to have markers that define past and future. And as you have been muddling through this past of
your stay-at-home time as Laura likes to call it, we see that it is refreshing to many of your souls to look
forward into this new time, this marker that you called 2021 and to dream of the light, the possibilities, the
positiveness that is coming your way.

We see that your scientists have developed antibodies and are supporting you in moving forward into
immunity around the germs that have been causing all of you such strife. And we want to say that there is
a proclivity to attach yourself to The Strife.

We see that many of you are addicted to your fears and the drama of the hardship. Many of you as you
close out the year 2020 and you open the year 2021 are desperate to move forward into a positivity and
yet you continually harp the negativity, The Strife, the trauma and the drama that you have been through.
While it is normal and natural to bring forward an awareness of hardship, we will tell you that is not normal
and it is not natural for the human being to attach to the hardship and continually bring it up into their
Consciousness and cultivate it in their mind and cultivate it in their emotion, so that it becomes the
perceived normalcy of day-to-day living.

And for many of you, you are right on the precipice of having this become your reality and we want you to
pause. If you think about the times that are hard, difficult, stressful, emotionally taxing, they are small
instances of big impact in your lives.

They happen periodically moment-to-moment and yet you string them all together like a beautiful Garland
and you wrap them around your shoulders like a cloak and you wear them like a heavy burden or a yolk
and you don’t need to do that.

Take each Strife, take each stress, take each moment of grand imperfection and isolate it for what it is.
Put it into a container. Box it up and put it on your energetic shelf so that you no longer need to deal with
it. Know that it is in your past and keep it there.

This now today, here in this energetic space, is an opportunity for you to clear away the Clutter of
emotional baggage. You have an opportunity to neutralize, to ground and to harmonize.
As we speak with you now here in this moment, we will remind you that we are doing work with you
always on an energetic unseen level. We are the colloquial WE of the Council of Light and we are a group
of light beings that come from the energetic God Source Everlasting Light energies of the all that ever
was and ever will be. And, we are also your own individual Collective spiritual helpers, guides, loved
ones, teachers, deities, Saints and the like.

So, when we say that we are working with you, think of us as opening your Mother Boards of your
computers of your being-nesses. We are your spiritual tribe that are working with you and moving through
to complete the cycle of connectivity and neutrality and wiping the old information out of the database,
shall we say. And you are being given an opportunity to update, reboot and restart fresh, cleansed,
cleared, anew.

Take a deep breath into the center of your being and hold it for three seconds: 3…2…1. Release it with a
great gust of air. Take another deep breath into the center of your being and hold it for three seconds:
3…2…1 and release that with a great gust of air.

As you do this releasing you are cleansing the energetic sticky stuff that you’ve been carrying with you,
the unseen or unnoticed stress and stressors of your lives.

We’re not trivializing those strifes and stressors. We understand that for many of you there is great
hardship that you have encountered throughout your lives. Yet as a collective consciousness of humanity
across the Earth plane you have all stepped into the trance of this aggrandizement of the stress of the
past 9 to 12 months.


You don’t need to be in that big stress as a collective Consciousness.
You can be in this moment, in this personalized space of your lives, well, balanced and harmonized.
Return to this awareness for yourself anytime you feel like the grand stressors in the collective
Consciousness are starting to wash through you again. You don’t need to own that. That is not yours. It is
like a, hmmm, How shall we say this? It is like a cult awareness that has Brainwashed the general
societies thinking into believing that life is hard for everyone across the Earth plane, when in fact, is quite
simply beautiful, glorious and wonderful, even in between your stressors.

Think of the joy that you are experiencing now. Think of the calm that you are feeling now. Think of the
peace that you are feeling in your heart. Notice the energetic stillness, the washing away, the
rejuvenation that is taking place as you rest here in this space listening to these words.

You can be this. You can feel this. And, you can do this all the time. It does take practice and it does take
cultivation to connect with this centeredness and this peacefulness and this sacredness and this
groundedness, but it can be done.

You must attach importance to this work of being centered and balanced and calm and nourished and
grounded much like you put importance on cleaning of your houses or the paying of your bills or the
preparing of your food that nourishes your bodies or the rearing of your children or the rearing of your

You need to give this energy quality of calmness and peacefulness and super sensationalised bliss (shall
we even go as far as to say?) just as much importance in your life as those other things.
So, for those of you who are interested in creating new routines, this is that time of year when most of
humanity says it is a good idea to implement. We invite you to create a new routine of cultivating
peacefulness and serenity and balance and Bliss by simply doing this. Come back to these words. We
come to you now in this monthly format and you have access to our past words through all the mediums
that Laura has provided you with. You don’t have to wait till months time, each new space of our speaking
to you to gain abundance and blissfulness and awareness of this balanced peacefulness. Bring us into your ears. Bring us into your hearts. Bring us into your minds. Bring us into your emotional fields, as
frequently as you have time for. and we will strongly encourage you to make time and to create a new
routine for yourselves.

You have physical health. You have mental health. You have emotional health. You have spiritual health
as well.

We invite you to connect with this spiritual sacredness on a day-to-day basis so that you can weather the
storms of the intensities and know that the intensities are just blips on the radar screen and then you can
let them go. You can put them in that box and you can neatly tie the bow and you can put the box on the
shelf and you can say, “no more, that was hard, that was taxing, that was emotional, that was charged
and it does not hold power over at me any longer.”

You are glorious light-filled beings. We have said this to you on many occasions before and we will
remind you again:
You come from the light. You are the light. You will return to the light.
The light is all that there is, ever-present, always pulsing through the cosmic Consciousness through all
the universes. You are cosmic miracles. You are abundant blissfilled souls. And we invite you to
understand this and to know this and to remember this on a deep, deep, deep basis.
Allow yourselves to be filled with the graciousness of the light. Allow yourselves to become connected to
the consciousness of love and kindness. You are of this. You are this and you will return to this.
We are so joyfilled to be with you in this capacity and to remind you of your authenticity and we will
continue to do so evermore as long as this woman has a voice box that is willing to do the work of letting
us come through.

It is our mission. You see we’ve been tasked with helping Humanity. And, we are joyfully employed with
our task of reminding you as human forms that are true Souls, On that Earth plane, living these
existences from day-to-day, growing expanding, harmonizing, up leveling, moving forward on your
evolutionary continuum’s towards your own Enlightenments.

It gives us pleasure to serve you and to support you and to be here as guides and teachers and
framework buffers for you. Call upon the deities, call upon the Saints, call upon the grand beings in your
lives. You know who they are. The loved ones that have crossed over, the faith-based icons, the naturebased devas and Spirits. It doesn’t matter who you call on. We don’t have one particular framework. We
ourselves do not belong to a framework.

Utilize the calling. Sink into the harmony. And become one with your own authenticity. We send you bright blessings on this glorious new day. This first day of the new calendar year in this
2021 period. Again with chuckle, for this is a construct made up by humans before you to understand
markers and the passage of your Continuum. Otherwise, you would go from moment to moment not
having any understanding of when you were tiny babes in the crib to the eldest Elders in your chairs.
We think it is ingenious of you that you have come up with this constructs called ‘time’ to mark the
passage of your doings, your changing, your undulations and your growings. Humans are complex,
humans are incredible, humans are awe-some, in the grand sense.

We appreciate you. We glorify you. We uplift you. We rise with you. We sing with you, and we always
wish you bright, bright blessings today and everyday.
Namaste and adieu for now.

Laura West:
Cheers, everybody.
I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful for this work I do. I’m grateful for the Council of Light. And I look forward
to whatever is coming in this Grand and glorious energetic capacity in the days, months, years that ahead
of us.

© All Rights Reserved. Laura West, M.Ed., RMT | Divine Lotus Healing, LLC. | January 2021

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