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How to Protect Your Energy

[bctt tweet=”Use these practical steps to protect your energy every day. ” username=”divinelotusheal”] Sometimes you come across folks in your life who are not energetically compatible with you.

They could have hot energy and you run cold.

They could be depressed and it brings you down.

They could be angry and the anger hurts your energy field, or you could suddenly feel like your mood has swung in a different direction or you feel tired and used up after talking with them.

These people can be aware of this energy exchange, but, most often they aren’t.

Most people are unaware that they are projecting their energy out like a wide net being thrown.

And, most often they are not “bad” people.

They just unconsciously cast their energy out to the universe where it gets picked up by others, including you.

So, what can you do to protect yourself?

With a few simple and effective energy hygiene practices you can negotiate tricky energy situations and maintain your own energy field with clarity and strength.

Imagine a white light traveling down over your head and wrapping itself around your body

This light wraps you in a bubble and bounces everything off of you that does not belong within your energy field.

Hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth

This helps to keep this energy opening closed, sealed and protected. This also helps keep your own energy from being pulled away from you.

Touch your middle finger to your thumb

This ensures a complete energy cycle that runs through your body and stays inside while not letting other energy in.

Focus your energy up into your third eye area

When someone else’s energy is entering your space it targets the solar plexus area and by focusing your energy upward, it closes the lower space off to invading energy.

Sit with your legs and or arms crossed over your midsection

Cross your arms and legs (solar plexus chakra, right above the navel) to close the energy space.

Use a smudge stick like sage

Use this to waft the green energy smoke through your vibratory body to clear away unpleasant vibes.

Learn how to smudge your home HERE.

Use Om Aura Spray

This spray (hand made in small batches) has “green energy” which on a metaphysical level means it cleans and clears energy. The essential oils in this spray are sterilizers, which means they actually clean the surfaces they touch! I use this spray all the time in my home and Reiki office. Clients LOVE the smell and often comment that they miss it in between sessions. NOTE: once the small batch run is gone, it’s gone until the next batch is made! Buy it in my shop – click the image below:


Visualize a container or jar of violet fire between you and the person who is with you

See all of their energy being sucked into the violet flame, being transmuted before it ever reaches your energy field.

Visualize a tri-fold mirror in front of your stomach

When someone’s energy is coming at you picture the mirror opening outward so their energy bounces off its reflection and drops down into the earth.

Call upon spiritual guides, god-source, angels, spiritual presence, etc.

Call on all the deities that you work with to clear your energy field. Archangel Michael is a powerful protector. Ask for him to come to you with his blue sword of fire to cut any energy chords that do not belong to you away from your body.

Here are two more books (affiliate link) I’ve used personally with success and I share in the classes I teach:

Turn your body sideways

You can turn sideways or off kilter so you are not directly facing the person in front of you.

Practice regular chakra clearing meditations

Focus on your own well being.

Picture yourself as a pure light being. See yourself happy and loved. Don’t give any attention to the energy or the person whose energy is bothering you. If you feel strongly centered, send them light and love and recognize them as a light being who is having a tough energy moment before moving on with your day.



I’m curious to know how these strategies are working for you and what other strategies you use. Leave a comment below!

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