The Energy of Change Channeled Message

This month’s channeled message theme is “The Energy of Change” and relates to the energy that is changing in the next several weeks around us. The Council of Light share specifics about what we need to do, how change affects us and they even give us an exercise to do right in the message while we listen to their words!




Laura West:

Hello, welcome to another channeled message from the Council of Light. It is November in 2020. And
yesterday was Halloween, October 31st. This time of year is always wonderful for psychic mediums such
as myself.

A couple of nights ago my colleague and friend Carolyn Wilkins and I held our annual Spirit Talks event,
here in the Boston area where I live it has snowed we had to shovel snow. I’m looking out my windows
now and it’s beautifully covered on the trees, it’s cold, the evergreens are just full of snowy boughs, it’s

And, at the Spirit Talks event the Council of Light came through and they gave a beautiful blessing to the
group that was present and they want to be here today to share with you some more information. So I’m
really excited. Let’s get started and listen to what they have to say. I’m going to call them through.

Council of Light:

Greetings bright blessings all of you dear Souls there on the earth plane. We are glad to be with you here
again today. We wish you much joy, much love, much peace, much happiness as you rest inside your
Earthly bodies and you strive to move forward in this topsy-turvy world.

We see the energy is churning, the energy is burning, the energy is capitulating all around you there on
the earth plane. So many of you are going through an experience of change and there are waves that
keep coming over and over and over again.

Many of you were shocked into a pause last spring that we have referenced many times before. And now
you are in a new phase of peeling way, of undoing the layers of the energetic skins. You are entering into
new stages of development, new phases of projects, new avenues to explore for work possibilities. And
we want you to practice being in your centeredness and we want you to practice being in your calmness
as these new avenues, these new energy portals, these new layers of energy begin to strip away and rise
forward for you.

There is a releasing of the old that is happening for you now, and there is a tenderness and a rawness of
pinkness if you will, new skin, a softness, an eagerness that is vulnerable underneath. You must cultivate
this vulnerability.

You must step forward into the possibilities of the new, the opportunities that are awaiting you. For those There is a lot that is bubbling and brewing. There is a lot that is peeling away. The cataclysmic shifts that
experienced wide global pause back in the spring are happening again. This time there is a deepening.
This time there is a knowing. This time there is a reckoning for your souls. You are able to take this next
stage, this next wave of pause. Some of you are in it now, some of you are leading into the second pause
soon in your societies. Take it as a space to go deeper into your reflectiveness, into your solidity of

You must be clear with your energy capacities. You must be working on a daily basis to connect with
Spirit. You must be working on a daily basis to connect with your sacred centers. However you do that is
up to you and it is all fine through and through and through. Whether you are meditators, whether you are
prayer practice-rs, whether you are body movers such as a yogic spiritual centered sacredness, whether
are you are Spa lovers and you do Indulgence self-care, it does not matter what you do, but you all must
cultivate your connection to Spirit on a daily basis.

Let us practice this with you now. Pause consciously as you listen to our words. Settle into a deep and
special reflective space. Become comfortable with the body. Allow it to rest in a prone position upright or
laying down. Relax all the limbs.
Inhale deeply.
Exhale completely.
Allow yourself to become nourished by the breath. Inhale deeply.
Exhale completely.
Allow yourself to become touched by the spiritual sacredness of this pause.
Inhale deeply.
Exhale completely.
Feel yourself being whole in your physical being on the Earth plane.
And also in your spiritual being of your soul. Feel the two knitting together and becoming unified as one
entity, soul self and physical self, aligned and in perfect harmony.
Breathe in deeply.
Exhale completely.

Feel as your soul self knows ultimately the next step forward for you on your path. Feel as your soul self
knows completely the next step forward to make yourself aligned. Feel as your soul self knows completely
the next steps forward in movement of positivity for you in your life at this time.

Inhale completely.
Exhale deeply.

Do this exercise. If you don’t already have one of connection with spiritual sacredness come back and
listen to this moment here in this space that we are speaking to you today. Do this exercise daily
touching, communicating, connecting and listening to your sacred Soul selves. It is like medicine to do
this, you know.

of you who are sensing that change needs to come in relationship or in a work, it is time to make the
change. For those of you who sends it change is coming through your connectedness to your spiritual
centeredness, it has arrived and you must dive in and start to make the change.

We here today in this message counsel you that the next four to six weeks coming forward for you in that
linear time fashion that you have procreated on the Earth plane is an important space for you as human
beings to develop your solidity in this newness, the new form, the new shape, the new energy, the new
dimension, the new path, the new career, the new relationship movement forward for all of you.

It is like taking vitamins on a daily basis. It is imperative that your spiritual self is nourished much like your
physical selves, your mental selves and your emotional self. You have all these different parts of self and
they all must have equal attention paid to them.

It might sound daunting to some of you to do this on a daily basis over and over and over again with all
the different parts of self coming forward into connection and yet it is not. It is easy. When you sit in
connection like this and you listen to these words and you acclimate to this vibrational space that has
been raised for you here today, you are in space of harmony with soul self with emotional self with
spiritual self and with physical self.

You are allowing the physical body to pause and repair. You are allowing the emotional self to drain
anything out that is of chaos or discordance. You are allowing the mental self to pause and refresh itself
while we give messages of loving light and guidance. You are allowing spiritual self to step forward and
take front-and-center control as you move into a space of harmony held ever so tightly and yet gently at
the same time.

Practice over and over and over again. Daily in and out. You are a Divine Soul being that has contracted
to come into a physical Soul self being on the Earth plane. Your physical Soul self forgets that the
spiritual Soul self comes first.

You will always be spiritual soul self from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. You will only be physical
Soul self in this lifetime. In the next physical soul self lifetime you incarnate in, you will be different. In this
lifetime the you that you have incarnated into is unique to this lifetime.

Allow the spirit to come forward. Allow your soul knowing this to be acclimated in this time, in this space,
in this now, in this here and in this place.

Change can feel uncertain. Change can feel weary and yet change is always happening and it is always
necessary for you to grow and blossom and become the next best version of yourself.

Allow the change that is coming in the next four to six weeks to hold on and to guide and to show as you
move forward.

Do not be afraid.

Take a leap and know that you are with spiritual connectedness at all times. Call on your ancestors. Call
on your tribe. Call on your guides. Call on your Divine sacred beings of loved ones, of sacred spiritual
religious faith-based spirit, of any of the Sacred Soul self spiritual connection that you call upon. It does
not matter who- just call.

Be in relationship with Spirit as you move forward in your lives. Connect, listen, be held, be guided
deeply. This particular instance, listening here today to these words is one way. We are not the end-all-be-all for you. You have other spiritual connective resources, each of you unique like a pathway, a
thumbprint or snowflake, all different and all special. Tap in. It’s time.

We thank you for listening to our message today. We wish you bright blessings on this glorious day. Fill
yourselves from head to toe with the Avatar of light, spiritual and sacred, ever so bright. We bring it
forward to you now.

Breathe in very deeply.
Exhale completely.

Know that you are filled with light and you may move forward into your day or your night complete, whole,
sacred and spiritually filled. And may your cups continue to runneth over. Namaste, adieu and goodbye
for now.

Thank you all so much.

om laura

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