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Time: 2:38pm
Topic: Reader Question on Meditation Answered

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Reader Question:

“I am glad to have the chance to submit questions again. Thank you. I have some rather specific questions about meditation. I have been meditating (with varying frequency and effort) for about fourteen years. I learned in a vipassana/mindfulness tradition. Over the years, and especially recently, I have changed my method quite a bit, away from a an observational and non-directive approach toward an approach that is more active in that I find myself concentrating and controlling my meditation to a greater degree. I feel in particular that I’ve learned a location within my mind to concentrate upon (almost in the way one might concentrate on becoming aware of and moving only their third toe on the left foot) which I associate with a sort of buzzing or electrical feeling. And then the second stage is a sort of opening of that spot, like opening a mental door (to the divine) or allowing something. It seems to help if I envision a light entering me. This takes a lot of effort on my part, which is specifically advised against in the vipassana mindfulness tradition. But there seems to me to be something worth finding on the other side of this mental door. To the extent that I have opened it, for relatively brief periods, I find an almost overwhelming blissful feeling. Is this merely a distraction, best avoided? Or is it an aspect of the goal?”

Council of Light Answer:

Dear All, we are the ones from the light and we welcome you here today; readers of our message. And we say we are glad to help answer this reader’s question and all questions that you have at any time. Our channel is figuring out what is best for her and we are always patiently waiting and here to see and sense and respond to you. We say now that this question about meditation is a very complex and simple question and answer at the same time.

For example, we see that humans try to make sense of their being-ness through many different ways and many different means. And, we say to you very clearly now that your methods are not wrong. There are several different ways to engage and interact with the divine. There is no right. There is no wrong. And, those of you who must experience the divine as a void or a nothingness or an emptiness that you are resting inside, this is fine. The divine accepts this sensation, this experience as valid.

And, those of you who experience the divine as this blissful joyous light, as has been described by the reader question, this is also okay, this is also acceptable, this is also correct. For, the Divine understands that humans have lenses through which they see, interpret, understand, and make meaning of spiritual experience. And, the Divine is able to merge, melt, morph, twist, shape and grow itself into many different aspects to support the needs of each individual person who understands it.

We say that it is most important who are on the earth plane and who are practicing your connection to the divine to pick a method that works for you and to stick with it. Your connection to the divine is a returning home. Your soul is being connected to its recharge battery pack and when you make this connection your soul stretches and grows. You become closer to your end goal on your evolutionary continuums.

So, to the person who asked this question specifically, we say to you that you are correct with both methods. You must just pick which one you prefer. And, we will note that it is okay for you to pick different methods for different times in your life. This goes for all sentient beings who connect with the Divine. You may choose to connect with us one way for many years and a second way for a short while. And, neither one is wrong.

The blissfulness that the body experiences is valid. It is an experience of energy because the body is entering a higher level dimension where the energy frequency is lighter and it vibrates at a faster and higher rate. And the dense body is feeling that pure joy. This is one of the levels that we as part of the Divine live on and come down to the earth to support you in your growth as a humanity and as individuals.

We see that your energy on the earth plane is extremely dense making it hard for you to remember what your soul connection feels like on a continuous basis. You are in this soul form before you birth into your human form. And, you return to this soul form upon exiting your body at the time of death. And, it is joyous because your body is a shell and it does not limit you when you are in your soul energy bliss form state.

We ask that you, you as a collective humanity, meditate to connect with the divine, not so as to escape your realities, your problems, your issues and the like, but rather to connect so you can grow. We see that this pure bliss feeling is good and for some it can become addictive to experience. This is not the reason for meditation. When you are meditating it is a time to release and let go the earthly energy and stress that you may be carrying.

So, you see, our question is a simple one yet so hard to practice in your reality. We extend our energy to help support those of you who are interested. And, we say Namaste and congratulations. We welcome all contact with all human beings at all times. We happen to come through our channel of Laura and we invite you to connect with us at any time. Namaste, adieu, goodbye for now. We wrap you in a golden cloak. A beautiful blanket of light, sustaining and keeping you in the week ahead, in the weeks ahead, until we are to speak to you again.


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