Council of Light Channeled Message You Are A Light Being

Saturday, March 5, 2011
Time: 6:50am
Topic: You Are a Light Being

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Council of Light speaking:

Good morning Laura. We are glad you are here. We have waited a long time; time of course being relative in your terms; time of course in terms for us feeling like the blink of an eye. And now, we are joyful, excited and ready to begin. Before your break we told you that the messages that we bring would be changing slightly and a new harmonious energy would be joining us in the sharing of our messages, craft and gift to the earth plane. And today, this is just so. Not only do we have the Council of Light present with us today, we have additional light beings whose job it is to send additional light energy to different people and places upon the earth plane as a universal healing energy. They are very high divine beings. They work with us all. And, they are here to work here through you, Laura, here and now to help speak to the energy earth masses who read this message.

Light beings speaking:

We say good morning dear ones. We are the energy from the light. And, although we are able to pronounce ourselves with names and describe ourselves with human qualities and features, we wish not to do so at this time because we do not wish to plant images in your reader mind that will distract you from the message at hand.

Our message is simple and yet profound. We wish to remind each and every one of you that you are a divine light being. Unzip yourselves from your physical earthly bodies and step out of your shell to reveal a beautiful glowing body of light; pure, radiating, clean, clear, fresh energy.

This is your true soul essence. It benefits you to connect with this essence through meditation and realization and actualization of experiencing the light energy because your earthly bodies, although serving you well as you walk around physically on the earth plane, also seal you off from this light energy to which we refer. Your earthly bodies are but a mask or a container or a blockage from which to keep your light body inside as you dwell there on the earth plane. We see that there are many benefits to having the earthly body and yet so many of you forget to tap into the energy center that is contained within.

You must tap into this energy light center on a daily basis and re-member who you truly are in order for you to move forward and continue evolutionary growth on each of your individual paths. If you choose not to re-member and connect with your light body, let us be clear: it is not a bad thing. It just simply means that you will spend more time working towards your evolutionary end goal. It may take more lifetimes for you to do this. The longer it takes for you to do this does not mean you are slow or dumb witted. It simply means that you are not ready at this time to move forward.

However, we gently poke, prod and push you along, suggesting that many of you are ready and you are not realizing that all that is needed is a gentle inward reflection to reconnect, reenergize and re-member your light essence. It is important for you to re-member this light essence because it can be equated with the plugging in of a battery device for it to be recharged to full 100% juice capacity. Once you plug yourselves in to your light energy core, you will feel recharged, rejuvenated and reconnected. And, you shall find an ease with which you navigate through your physical day, each and every day.

We are here to support and facilitate this growth, this opening. All you need to do is sit in meditation, clear your mind of thoughts from your day and ask for your light body to be revealed to you. Picture yourself stepping out of your skin and moving forward almost as a liquid light form. Feel the freeness. Feel the joy. Feel the freedom of expression that you cannot feel while contained within your physical body.

It is lovely to experience this light. And, we know so because this is what we are. We come from an energetically pure place in the universe and we have been charged with the task of helping humanity along in your journey in these same, and similar, places. And yet, we wish to say have no fear. This is a beautiful process. And, one can very simply and easily and quickly return to the physical body at any moment by simply thinking about the physical being. When one does so, you will return to your physical body as a human made of flesh and bone and densely packed tissue.

We wish to say that when you do this meditation you should find space in your life where you shall be free from interruption. It is important for you not to be distracted so that as you leave your physical body behind and you step into your light body, you are not interrupted by other physical bodies entering your space and asking for your attention in some way; whether it be a dog barking, a child crying, a sibling or a spouse or a partner asking for your energy attention. Take this time to revel, relish and fully connect and complete the cycle of energy inspection on your own for yourself. It is healing. It is harmonious. It is wonderful. It is joyful to connect with your own self being in the light.

If you do this frequently, you will begin to have realizations of how to move forward, quickly on your evolutionary path. You will begin to see and sense those around you who are not ready to move forward with you or at the same rate that you are moving. And, your life will begin to shift. Those who do not energetically match your being will drift out of your life and fall away and you will continue forward on your path with ease and grace. We sense that many of you are ready, hence, our message today.

We wish to say good luck and good speed although no luck is needed. We offer jovial support. Simply ask for us to come into your consciousness and we will arrive and be with you there, carrying you through, supporting, loving, guiding and helping you grow. There is no need for you to do this alone. There is much energetic support in the universe that has been built in to the energetic creation of the earth that is helping you all grow and manifest with ease. It is so simple really. All one needs to do is think us into being and we are in your reality.

That is all we have to say for today. For those of you who wish to connect with us after reading this message, simply do so with your mind and we will come into your energy field. Thank you. Namaste. Adieu for now. Goodbye with grace. Good speed. God bless.

Council of Light speaking:

And for all the readers at large we wish to say thank you for reading our message at large. Until next time, we are the council of light. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light, sustaining you and keeping you, until you are to next experience us each in your own individual way, and, through this reading. So, until next time, adieu: goodbye and Namaste.


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