Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance:

Supporting you to create a richer, more fulfilled and spiritually connected life

through accessing divine guidance for your unique path

Spiritual Guidance Is For You If You…

Have questions about major transitions in your life, such as work, health, life or relationship changes that you to seek to understand the meaning of

Get a sense of your next steps but seek spiritual guidance and confirmation

Are aware of some dysfunctional pattern and you want to understand what’s causing it and how to resolve it

Have a spiritual practice of some kind but seek support to deepen your trust in signs from spirit and accessing and living in divine flow

Holding a Spiritual Intuitive Channeled Guidance Session is like being held in a sacred space designed just for you.

Spiritual Guidance Is:

A space of compassion, support and deep clarity.

Through connecting with your guides and angels, I share spiritual guidance and divine insights specifically for you and your current circumstances.

From our time together you will get a bigger perspective on what’s actually happening from a spiritual lens.

And just as importantly, you will get specific actions for your next steps. Any confusion or uncertainty you arrive with, will be replaced with clarity and certainty on the way forward.

Best of all, through this process, you will grow your trust within yourself and with the divine.

Client Praise


Laura, Thanks for your help and insight! What you discovered was VERY accurate. Even kind of what I felt, but this was the needed extra added clarity I was hoping to find. I wish to say much more and express a greater thanks that I don’t think can be encompassed in an email, but again, your help was very beneficial to me & very much appreciated!



My work with Laura West was truly unlike any other I have had. From the moment I started, I felt like I had entered a sacred space that had been thoughtfully prepared specifically for me. The messages from spirit, from my guides and Laura’s guides came flowing out of her with such eloquence, grace, insight and compassion for the entirety of the work. My work with Laura was profoundly healing as well as validating and inspiring. I received answers to pressing questions along with clarity on choices I was previously hesitant to make. In addition, I felt blessed with a feeling of overwhelming love and support from spirit. I cannot recommend Laura West highly enough. She is a pure and clear channel who offers a beautiful space for wisdom, healing, clarity and true transformation to occur.


Why Choose Spiritual Guidance? If You Are:

Seeking answers and wanting to work on life goals or business mentoring from a spiritual perspective and align with spiritual truths, then this type of coaching is right for you.

Invested in your personal development and ready for clear advice that you are willing to take action on, this is for you. (When you show up ready go, your guides are delighted!)

Already on a spiritual path and have some form of daily spiritual practice (however new or brief it is) and want to strengthen that connection, then working together will support that. (This doesn’t mean you have to have meditated for years! Just that you have some understanding of the spiritual perspective and believe that we can all access divine help.)

Ultimately, spiritual coaching will help you to move forward, experience transformation and receive validation on your path and deepen faith in your own inner knowing.

Client Reflection

It’s been tremendously valuable seeing you. I’m so glad that I’ve continued with my work with you. I’ve had such success and I’m glad that I keep processing with you. -JT