Spiritual Biz Coaching

Spiritual Business Coaching Supports the Following…

doTERRA Wellness Advocates

Wellness Businesses

Holistic Healing Businesses

Metaphysical Businesses

Spiritual Businesses

Coaches, Leaders + Creatives

Spiritual Business Coaching is for start ups and established business alike.

This coaching experience includes:

a mix of mindset development

practical tips you can implement right away

along with Laura’s psychic guidance

Dig into your goals with each session tailored to your needs

Welcome your inner wisdom to come forward

Shift into frequencies of alignment

Consistent session work builds momentum in your biz

Bundling sessions in increments of 3 is recommended

Be prepared to work diligently between sessions on tasks we outline together

Why Choose Spiritual Business Coaching?

Do you seek clarity about how to run your business better?

Are you starting your business and want guidance along the way?

Gain clarity on how to run your business more efficiently, in less time

Learn how to grow your interpersonal skills with your team

Become the leader you always knew you could be

Put innovation and creation into action

You are powerful, educated and yet you may be feeling dis empowered

You seek a bridge to solutions in your business so it moves forward in flow

Client Reflection

I’ve been moving towards opening my practice for a long time and I’m finally ready to take the leap. I’ve watched you grow in your business over the past decade and I’m confident you can help me reach the same success! -ML

More From Clients


Thank you for being in my life in this way and for being a sounding board all these years. It’s great knowing I have someone so supportive helping me to frame my work!


An Honor

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the coaching session. It was such a joy to see your gifts in all their glory and to be the beneficiary of it was an honor. I am grateful to you and to spirit for your guidance and support. I’m looking forward to another session in the coming months. I hope to see you at a psychic development class soon. Sending love and light.