Citrus Bloom is BACK and Midnight Forest is HERE!

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Hi everyone. I’m so excited to share with you today! There’s big news! We are in for such a treat on Monday morning, the 24th of May. You’re going to want to get up early and you’re going to order right away because these things are going to sell out fast.

I’m talking about our beloved Citrus Bloom that comes once a year in the spring and our new Midnight Forest, that is divine.

So let’s talk about these two and oils and some of the products that go along with them and why you might be interested in them.

First Citrus Bloom, this is a blend that’s been around for several years and it comes in the spring, and it’s a limited-time offer. So when it sells out, it’s gone. And it comes in a 15 mL bottle. It is called the Springtime Blend. It comes in the complete collection, which you can get all the things from the Citrus Bloom line. They include the Foaming Hand wash with a pump bottle, deodorant, body lotion and oil. If you get the collection, you also get a 15 mil Citrus Bloom touch rollerball for free, and that’s a bonus and it is limit 2 per account for the the collection wholesaling for 47.50. So it’s a great deal. You could get just the Foaming Hand wash in the pump wholesaling for $15. You could get the deodorant wholesaling for $9.25, pretty awesome, you smell great in your pitts for only 10 bucks or you could get the lotion that wholesales for 18 dollars.

What’s in this that makes this so fabulous? Well, it is Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Magnolia. So, we’ve got a combination of things going on here. We’ve got the Citrus oils that are mood boosters. They enhance those positive connectors in our brain. And then we’ve got the Lavender and the Roman Chamomile and the Magnolia which are absolute stress support soothers and calmers. So we’re balance between being really mellow and really cheerful at the same time and it’s just such a lovely combination. It’s bright. It’s floral. Its citrusy, it’s sweet. It has a little bit of crispness to it. It’s very fresh. I love it so much.

So there, you go, you’re going to want to get this on Monday and it’s first come first serve and they’re going to sell out. They always do and they’re going to probably sell out by the end of the day. This is such a popular item that you’ll see probably by Monday afternoon at most, if not, everything is gone, so log into your wholesale accounts for that, okay.

Ok, now here’s the new one, I’m so excited for it, this is our new blend called Midnight Forest. It is the nature blend. And I have a 5 ml sample of it here for you, and I’m going to open it in a minute. But it’s going to come on Monday, again on the 24th, in a 15 mL bottle.

You can get just the oil and it sells wholesale for $34 or you could get the oil, plus the pilot diffuser. The pilot diffuser is the small circular, it has corrugated lines on it and you can bring it in your travel cases, you can put it in your car, you can put it in your suitcase and bring it to a hotel or an airbnb. And it retails, excuses me, it wholesales for 59.50. That’s a lovely deal. Cuz you’re getting a diffuser and the oil at the same time.

Ok, let’s crack this bad boy open and see what it smells like. This is my first unveiling of this. Oh my gosh. Wow. This might become my new meditation oil you guys. This is remarkable.

So let’s see what’s in this: Siberian Fir, Cyprus, Juniper Berry, Black Spruce, Wild Orange, Frankincense, Pimento Leaf and Pimento Berry, Labdanum, Caraway and Cistus.

This is remarkable. It is so complex. There’s a lot going on here. You start with a fir sense and you end with a sort of a sweet aroma at the end. It’s got a fresh and woody and earthy and grounding tone to it. Also, a little slight tinge of sweetness that is due to the Laudanum and the Caraway and Cistus.

Gosh, this is so awesome. I am so stoked to get this on Monday. I’m definitely going to be ordering the oil. Well, I already have the pilot diffuser so I don’t need a new one. But I’m definitely going to get the oil. There’s a limit of five on the oil for your account.

And again this is awesome because those of us who’ve gotten this early, there’s a buzz on the streets: folks are loving it and they’re so excited to get more and it’s a limited-time offer, just like the Citrus Bloom.

So you’re going to want to make sure you pop this into your wholesale accounts early on Monday morning first thing, cuz it’s probably going to sell out as well. I’m willing to bet that it will be on par with the Citrus Bloom to sell out.

Okay, so this is why we love our company because they gave us surprises like this all the time and it’s just so wonderful. Stock up!

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