Bottleneck Energy Channeled Message

Bottle Neck Energy Channeled Message

This month’s theme is “Bottleneck Energy” and how we are a bit stuck at the moment. Helpfully, the Council of Light give us tips on how to move through it!




Laura West:

Hi everybody! Welcome to September, it is time for another edition of our monthly channeled message
with the Council of Light and if you are ever interested in talking to them personally and gaining
information about your personal lives, you know you can always have a session with me through what I’m
now calling Spiritual Guidance. I change the names of my things a lot so I forget sometimes. So, let’s get
to it and invite the Council of Light to come through and share with them, share with us their message.

Council of Light:

Greetings everyone. We are glad you are here. And we would like to bring you some good cheer because
for on that earth plane we see that there is a lot of strife and bottleneck energy, tight, stuck and it needs to
be released and open so that you may all move forward into your joyous capacities at Full Throttle.

So while we are speaking to you today, you may listen and relax as you do always and we wish to say
that it is time to Rejuvenate yourselves through our message because while we are speaking to you we
are also doing a bit of technical work if you will. If you think of your physical beings attached to your
energy beings like computer motherboards, we will be working with your dashboards inside your
motherboard’s in your energy fields. We will be opening your energy stations and we will be re
harmonizing, restructuring and repurposing the energy inside your cells as you listen to what we have to
say so that you are reconfigured in a way. You won’t feel it and it won’t distract you and it won’t harm you
in any way but we will work in this capacity on a technical level from our place in the light as we speak to
you about Joy, which is always your Birthright.

So you have this ability to be joyful all the time. You have this ability to be creative and in flow all the time
You have this ability to be in the special seeds and flow of the sow of love. And that is your natural state
of being. When you find yourselves stressed or in disgruntled niss or in states of non harmoniousness,
you must cultivate yourselves back into a place of vibrancy and of fresh energy.

How do you do so? You must participate in actions that bring you joy, you must participate in actions that
bring you peace. You must participate in actions that cultivate positivity in your thought forms. We
encourage you to be vigilant with your minds and with your physical routines. When you do things for
yourselves on a daily basis, micro actions such as meditation for 5 minutes or walking or eating healthy
foods at a certain time of the day or practicing your exercise.

We encourage you to continue to keep this up. You don’t need to do everything under the quote
“Wellness umbrella” that you all know you have in your Earth plane, but we suggest that you pick one or
two things and do them over and over and over again. It’s very important that you do this now here in this
particular time frame.

You came off of a month last month when we were speaking to you about feeling very gritty and dense
and technically stuck. It was an intense time for many of you and a frustrating time for many of you. This
month you are moving forward into a space of harmony on joy and lightness, but right now you are all
bottlenecked in this trap space. The place that you have come from is narrowed and you are all trying at
the same time to go through the narrow space and come out into the other side of harmoniousness.

So it’s going to take some time. It is like those people on the Earth plane who are cattle ranchers and you
are driving the herd back to the ranch and there is a door opening in the fence and all the cattle are being
bottlenecked as they go through the fencing and into the farm yard. It will finish. It will complete. It will
take some time. Have no fear all of you are going to be able to get through to the other side of this
bottlenecked energy.

By the way, we do not mean to offend you and suggest that you are cattle on the Earth plane for that is
not true. As we have said to you on many occasions through and through and through you are all Divine
beings, you are all Sparks of light. You are all effervescent ever so bright. And you are moving through
your lives on these evolutionary Continuums as we share with you the best practices and the tips and the
tools to do so with ease. So we use acronyms and we use metaphors and we use symbology as
comparison so that your human mind can understand and construct meaning around what we say.

The other thing that we wish to share with you today is that it is probably a good idea for you to practice
cultivating healthy routines for mind body and spirit on a daily basis so that when this kind of energy that
is bottlenecks now comes at you in the future, for it will come again, does not snag you and hold you and
keep you stuck in this space that you are rooted in right now.

It is very important for you to cultivate these attentional practices towards harmoniousness and
joyousness and peacefulness so that you can move forward next time with more ease, more comfort and
more grace. And how do you do so? It is up to each one of you individually to find the activities and the
routines and the special doings that bring you Joy. Bring you peace. Bring you a light-heartedness. Bring
you happiness and a sustained Grace.

When you are able to do so, you will find yourself living more joyful lives, more sustained peaceful lives,
more creative lives, and the like. It is important for you to find things that sort of hook you, or latch for you,
and stick around. You might be interested in a certain dietary routine. You might be interested in a certain
exercise routine. You might be interested in a certain type of thought pattern routine. Find the other
human beings on the Earth plane that are doing the same things and be exclusive about how you

For example right now as you are bottlenecked and stuck in this position of waiting to get through the
tightness of the energy and move into the openness of the energy on the other side, it is very important
that you only continue to listen to, to relate to and to be in relationship with others who are in this space of
looking forward to the positivity on the openness as well.

If you are surrounding yourselves with colleagues that are disgruntled or family members that are always
angry or children who are combative, it is important for you to not be locked into that with all of your
emotional energy, psychological energy, mental energy, physical energy all the time.

You must begin to peel away at certain times from those energies that are dense and tight and gritty like
sandpaper. For in this way you will be able to unstick like velcro, peel away from that gritty-ness, that
denseness that hardness.

And we recognize that for some of you it is more intense than at other times. And in relationship with
some folks it is more challenging than another times. But this is when it is the most important for you to
cultivate moving into and looking forward to the practices of mind and body and spirit that are harmonious
for you.

We will pause now and share with you that we have concluded working with the quote-unquote
“motherboards” of your energy stations and we will share with you that it is always a joy when you allow
us to come through in this way. We work with you each and every day as a tribe of light. We call
ourselves here in this capacity the Council of Light and for some of you we come as a voice box and we
come to you once a month. For many of you there are other entities included here that do this work with
you. We are the personal Spirit guides for you, the light being effervescent tribe that supports you day
and night.

So although we call ourselves the Council of Light know that each individual who is listening to our words
here today has many hundreds more souls that align with you and connect with you in your own way. And
those Souls work with you each and every day. So when we say we have worked with you from the
motherboards, it is your tribe that has done the work. The Council of Light that we call ourselves here
work with you only in this particular time, and if you call upon us to come and work with you. We just like
to be clear in our distinction. So you understand the boundaries and the ethics of which from we work.
So getting back to the bottleneck. It is going to be a few days before you start to feel a reprieve before
you start to feel the balance and Harmony in a lighter refreshing-ness. Don’t worry. It will lift like fog
blowing over or mist as it has settled into a city port side. Eventually it will clear but you must begin to
cultivate these positivities.

So look for the folks on social media who are the positive change agents and the gurus of positive
thought for you. Do not align yourselves and participate with folks who are angry, bitter, frustrated,
complaining and the like, for that will only continue to weigh your energy feels down like anchors or
weights unnecessarily as you move through this bottleneck and it will prevent you from moving through at
your natural pace. It will keep you stuck farther back in the group of all of your beings that are trying to
move through the bottleneck. For those of you who are practicers of thought or meditation or yoga or
movement, it is time to cultivate a daily focused action in bringing yourself forward so that you may be
uplifted by Spirit. We of course here in this message lift up the spirit of your soul and your psyche and
your vibration all at once.

Every time you listen to our words, so it is important for you to do so over and over and over again, but
we would also like to say that you must find other outlets as well. It’s important for you to eat the nourishing foods that are healthy for your bodies at this time, the seeds and the legumes, the fruits and
vegetables, the highly nutritious dense packed vitamin foods.

Steer yourselves away from the caffeinated foods that are overly caffeinated and from the artificially
injected foods that have chemicals and preservatives and the like added to them because those are also
weights that are anchors on your energy station at this time, and they will pull you backwards and not
allow you to move through this bottleneck of energy reserves in a timely fashion.

We encourage you to be very calculated about this. Drink a lot of water. Breathe deeply. Look at the sun
and the sky as much as possible. Look outside to the trees. Be in nature on a daily basis if you can. It’s
really important for your bodies right now to be nourished by the plants and by mother nature. Listen to
spoken word meditation that is of the guided nature by the spiritual Masters on your Earth plane that
encourage you to ground and anchor and harmonize yourselves. That is needed for you now.

Strip yourselves away from the mass media fear-based monologues. Strip yourselves away from the
group chatters on your social media platforms that are constantly complaining. You do not need that at
this time. Only align yourselves with vibration that is pure and loving and light and true and kind and
thought provoking into the positivity of the world around you. As you do this it will be like a vibrational
balm, soothing you, moving from the outsides of your vibrational frequency in and it will begin to
harmonize and restructure and change as you grow.

So, think about the things that you can do now to let go and think about the things now that you can do to
bring in. A swap if you will a yin for a yang, a light for a dark, a night for a day and the like. Even if it is tiny
such as the name brand chemical-laden chocolate swapped out for a more robust organic or fair trade
chocolate You will do yourself well to align yourself in that way. Even if it is letting go of a sugary soda
drink and replacing it with one water just once a day you will do yourself well. Even if it is exercising for 10
minutes whether it is a quick stretch or a walk around the block or taking the stairs in your building instead
of the elevator, It will do yourself well.

Do you see the minute actions we are talking about here? Picking one or two things and leading yourself
forward and being very calculated with that and sticking to it on a daily basis.

We are not saying to do a grand sweeping humongous harmonious change of everything, give up all your
possessions, become the guru monks that are living in monasteries and nunneries. No we don’t mean a
radical shift. We mean a tiny micro shift. And in that tiny micro shift you will be able to navigate through
this bottleneck energy that is causing Society to be feeling more aggravated at this particular time. And it
will help you get through faster. It will help you move forward with ease and Grace and compassion.

This is one of the secrets so-called of your Earthly experiences that you call Life. Learning how to
navigate through the strife when you take cultivated mindful action and step-by-step direction towards
positivity for love towards Grace and helps you feel better. And then you are living a better life, it is that

So thank you for listening to this here today. This is a snapshot for you. And even though the bottleneck
that we are talking about is coming to resolution in the next several days or so, it is very important for you
to cultivate this lesson and carry it forward through this entire next month and into the month after and the
month after in the month after and so on and so on and so on because it will propel you forward into all
the other sticky points of your lives with great tools in your toolbox.

And if you already have tools in your toolbox double down on practicing them. And if you have already
been practicing the tools in your toolbox practice them more. And if you’ve already been practicing them
more in your toolbox add new ones.

Do you see that there is always a level for you to grow in your vibrational station of purity and light? You
can be a novice, starting out putting one foot in front of the other or you could be a lifelong learner of this
work that we speak of here today and we invite you to add more. There is always growth potential.
You always are moving forward on your continuums of learning in those lives of yours on that Earth plane
there. You will never stop moving forward.

You will never stop moving into the light.
You will never stop growing into harmony with the Divine, for that is your divine right.

It is a natural pull. It is a Natural Essence like the ebb and the flow of the oceans connected to the tides
and the ebbs and the flow and the wainings and the waxings of your moon cycle. It is a natural force that
cannot be stopped. It is inherently innert moving forward at all times whether it feels like right now where
you’re stuck in the bottleneck or not.

Thank you for listening to us here today and we will leave you with these bright blessings and we will say
that it is time for you to cultivate a list for yourselves and move forward now in a concentrated way and we